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First ever Himalayan Sports fest underway

Passang Dorji, Thimphu
Jan 26, 2019

With the motive to build sportsmanship qualities and instil good values through various games and sports activities, the first ever Himalayan Sports Fest is underway in Thimphu. A group of students from various schools in the country is organizing the three-day event at Centenary Park.

 Based on the theme “Youth for a Youth”, the first edition of the Himalayan Sports Fest is expected to bring children, youths and parents together. The sports fair also has participants from rural areas.

With a budget of only  Nu 10,000 and technical support from a few private firms, the group is trying to educate youths on proper management of waste and the sports equipment in the festival is made out of recycled wastes.

“As far as possible we will not have any imported sports products in this festival. We will make the equipment from wastes like paper balls and introduce new games such as dice relay and obstacle race for younger participants,” Dawa Zangpo, the organiser of the sports festival, said.

The festival will also provide an open platform for people to showcase other skills and talents.

Despite gathering funds and support being an impediment to the event’s sustainability, the organizing group is confident of being able to continue with the program. They want to make it available in other parts of the country as well.

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