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More television channels in the offing

Mar 19, 2012

The Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation, BBSC, will soon have more competitors as more private television channels are likely to enter the market soon. According to the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority, BICMA, competition will compel the broadcasters to provide better service.

Currently, the BICMA is evaluating and crosschecking documents for conferring the time period given for proper establishment of the stations.

The BICMA has received four applicants. They are in the process of evaluation.

During the evaluation, the applicants will have to avail a minimum of 60 percent score from the committee to be eligible for the license.

The Head of Telecommunication Division from BICMA, Wangay Dorji, said the Authority is not in a position to restrict the number. When asked about the sustainability, he said, the risk has to be endured by the applicant themselves, since it is an open market competition. “I think that’s the law of the game, if they cannot sustain they have to leave the market.”

He added that the BICMA will give licence to anybody who meet the requirements.

He further added the investors must have done market study on sustainability. He said it is left up to the market forces, rather than deciding whether the venture is sustainable or not.

During a LIVE BBS panel discussion on Sunday, one of the applicants said, since they are investing huge amount in the venture, they have many plans in the pipeline to sustain themselves.

The licence is non-transferable. The stations have all the liberty to explore the possible avenues for their sustainability.

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