Gynaecology camp treats 300 women in Tsirang

The recent gynaecology camp in Tsirang saw a huge number of women coming to avail themselves of the services at the district hospital. More than 300 were treated in the four-day camp.

The high turnout has been attributed to Tsirang hospital not having a gynaecologist. Health officials had also informed the patients who require gynaecology related health services to come to the camp.

“Earlier when I went to the Salami ORC in our Gewog,  I was told that a gynaecology camp will be held soon. I got a call from health officials informing me about the camp, ”Pabi Maya Acharya, one of the many women who came to the camp, said.

“I am happy to receive the services here, otherwise it will be difficult for me to travel to referral hospital as I get travel sickness.”

We are thankful for the camp. It is not only convenient but saved us from travel expenses, ”Karma Choki said.

The health camp was conducted by a medical team from Gelegphu Regional Referral Hospital.

“People have to go either to Gelegphu or Thimphu to meet with a Gynaecologist. It was inconvenient for those with low income. So, we wanted to provide the patients with the opportunity to meet with the right person and receive treatment,” Kinley, the Dzongkhag Health Officer, said.

The Tsirang hospital in collaboration with Gelephu Regional Referral Hospital also conducts similar camps for dental, and other health services every year.

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