PM, economic affairs minister urge Thimphu residents to switch to non-subsidized LPG

The non-subsidized LPG cylinders were introduced in February to ease the shortage of regular LPG gas supply. But only a handful of Thimphu residents have switched to non-subsidized gas six months down the line.

This has resulted in the continued shortage of the regular, subsidized LPG, while the non-subsidized LPG stock remains almost untouched at the fuel depots.

At Meet the Press session yesterday, the economic affairs minister urged Thimphu residents to go for the non-subsidized LPG.

“There is not much difference in the price,” he said.

“We currently have 1,000 metric tons of non-subsidized LPG. The ministry has written to people and agencies who we thought would be able to afford the non-subsidized LPG. Almost 2,000 subsidized cylinders have been surrendered from the RBG, RBA and the Dratshang.”

The prime minister, too, encouraged Thimphu residents to opt for the non-subsidized LPG.

“For some, a price difference of Nu 200 might matter, but for many of us, it could be because we are not sure about the consistency of the non-subsidized gas supply as we have been using subsidized gas for all our lives,” Lyonchhen said.

He added the use of non-subsidized LPG would benefit people in the rural areas immensely.

“For every cylinder that we change in Thimphu to non-subsidized, another family in rural Bhutan would be able to enjoy LPG gas.”

Bhutan receives about 49,300 subsidized LPG cylinders, which is about 700 metric tonnes, every month.

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