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One killed, two injured in vehicle accident

Feb 28, 2012

A 67-year-old man died in a vehicle accident in Paro on Sunday. The accident occurred at around 5:30 pm near Shaba Middle Secondary School. The alto car, the deceased was driving, collided head on with a Prado.

The deceased along with three passengers including a child were travelling to Paro from Phuentsholing. One passenger is recovering at the Paro hospital while the child and the other passenger have been referred to the National Referral Hospital in Thimphu.

Why accidents occur?        

Travelling on the Thimphu Paro highway has become much comfortable after road widening was carried out. But accidents along the highway, particularly in Isuna, are becoming a concern.

Just a few weeks ago two men died after the Hiace bus they were travelling in skidded on the ice and rammed on a cliff. Recently another accident occurred but fortunately no one was injured. Last year one accident took place in the area and the year before 12 vehicles met with an accident all at a time. The cause of all these accidents according to the police is skidding on the ice.

“About two to three weeks ago an accident occurred and when we went to check we found the water from the field has overflowed and spilled on to the highway. Since its cold at night it has turned into ice and the vehicle has skidded on the ice and had an accident. Recently also when an accident occurred we found it was due to skidding on the ice,” said Captain Wangyal Dorji, OC, Paro.                                                     

But where did the ice come from? Residents in the area blamed on poor drainage. They said the drain was damaged during the road widening.

“We have to supply water to the field. No matter how careful we are, water overflows and spills on the highway. There have been many accidents in the area. I even feel shy to supply water to my fields because everyone knows it’s my field where the water is being supplied. Many feel the accidents are caused by me,” said one of the local residents

“I have seen frequent accidents occurring whenever water is supplied to the field. We are not doing it purposely,” said another.

The residents said the matter has been taken up to the highest authority but nothing has been done so far.

“We informed the Tshogpa who in turn informed the Gewog. The Gewog officials wrote to the Dzongkhag administration but there was no response from the Dzongkhag,” said one of the residents there, adding that they also approached Lyonpo who asked the Department of Roads to make the drain. “An engineer from the Department came and took the measurement of the drain. The Gup also came at that time. We were happy that the problem was going to be fixed but it’s more than a year and a half and nothing happened.”

The engineer said it would cost Nu. 700,000 and the matter had been forwarded to Thimphu.

The site engineer of the Department of Roads in Paro said an inspection was carried out in the area after they received complaint from the locality.  He said the matter was taken to the Works and Human Settlement Ministry but the Ministry said that they do not have a budget.

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  1. Opinion

    Oh! What a pity. I can’t imagine how negligent the government is. It is not once or twice, many accidents have happened in the past and many are yet to happen, yet, nothing has been done even after knowing the cause. Nu. 700,000 is more dearer than the lives of several people. I hate this whole bureaucratic setup.

    • Phub Dorji

      We love to blame the government, it is so much easier pointing the finger than correcting one self. Do we all practice proper road atticate? No, there is no such thing yet here.

  2. Sonam

    At least, the concerned authority can put an alert sign board or any message that can make drivers to take extra measures when they reach at this point.

  3. tharpa

    The project authority should have constructed proper drains and when ever accidents occur, the authority never look at the conditions of h/way such road gradient, size, drains, stone/gravels/sand on the road, etc…. they always blame the drivers for over speeding. I think we don’t need professionals, officers, etc just give shameful conclusions.

    By the way, just for nu. Seven lakhs why the matter has to go Thimphu or paro dzoangkha. The project authority should take full responsibility. Let us not play blame games.

  4. Dago

    OH! Really, I feel its the negligence on the part of the Government. The government, if one civil servant has done a mistake, will charge the particular person. But they never think about itself. The negligence of such nature is surely one mistake of the government. Its time that our government live up to the expectations of the people because tomorrow we never know what happens; it may be bad or good. But for the good, our government must not overlook such issue because it is not a once or twice. One thing, when such problems are there, we wonder what the MP of that constituency is doing? It is also his full responsibility to dig out such problem and solve it immediately.

    We hope that our government will live up to the expectations of our innocent people. Lets hope so as the next elections are not fa away now.

  5. 5kg

    HA…HA…HA… The ministry have no buget. But the minister talks about efficient government, where it is? Every dog has its day. So, coming soon, I am eargly waiting for it.

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