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Zakar (October 5-6 )


Tuesday,  October 5(29th Day of 8th Bhutanese Month)    

Good Day: To make regular offerings only.

Good Day: To consecrate, perform wealth accumulation ritual, appoint to new post, preach and listen, start education, start new business, marry, shift house, seek astrological predictions and divinations for the dead and the living, and roof house.

Wednesday,  October 6(30th Day of 8th Bhutanese Month)    

Good Day: To conduct Tshogkhor, Lhamoi Tshogjab, recite religious texts, make thousand butter lamp offerings, appoint to new post, hand and take over office, start education, shift house, enter new house, start new business, hold good discussion and approach higher authority.

Not a Good Day: To roof house and hoist Lungdhar.

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