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Free electricity to rural households

Oct 14, 2013

eletricityThe government’s pledge to provide free electricity to the rural households for next three years has been approved.  Starting this month, all rural domestic households are subsidized with free electricity up to 100 units per month. This was revealed, yesterday, by the economic affairs minister at the press conference.

Prior to the revision, the low voltage rural households user have been paying 85 per Nu.100 units. Now with subsidized traffic rate, up to 100 units will be provided for free for the next three years. The subsidy is mainly initiated to encourage the rural community to use electricity to cut down on their dependency on firewood and others.

The Economic Affairs Minister, Norbu Wangchuk said, the move is also expected to prevent rural-urban migration.

But those customers falling within the Thromdes and municipal will have to pay an additional of Nu.13 for every 100 unit of electricity from now onwards.  Similarly, those consumers using low voltage will have to pay, an extra of Nu.42.

About Nu.1.5 billion has been injected by the government to offer subsidy to different categories of customers.  Of the total, major chuck has been allocated to low voltage amounting to over Nu.1.2 billion and Nu.186 million medium voltage users.

Besides 100 units free for rural consumers, the tariff has increased for all consumers.  On an average, the low voltage is increased by 14.7 percent.  Likewise, for the low voltage bulk users increased by 19.8 percent to encourage prudent and effective use of electricity as majority comprised of government institutions.

The increase tariff is also seen on medium voltage consumers by 16.7 percent followed by 10.8 percent on the high voltage users.

5 Comments for “Free electricity to rural households”

  1. Jamyang Jamtsho

    Very good news for the rural poor but does this mean, if I am a consumer in urban centre and uses 5-10 units of power in a month, I have to pay additional Nu. 42/- per unit? If not the least I am one of the least power consumers in urban Bhutan. The least I paid was Nu. 2, Nu. 5 and Nu. 7 in a month.

  2. kali

    This is the first 100 days promise by PDP Govt.

  3. Anna

    Very good check for Rural-Urban migration, should have more attraction for rural dwellings.

  4. Kadin Ghatshorr

    Hope and pray that our rural people make use of the free facilities provided to them and help repay in kind of preserving and protecting our forests and water resources as electricity is being generated by WATER.
    We must let we people know this.

  5. tandin

    Good step for PDP. Another issue is that losing the agriculture product to wild animals is a major problem in the villages, causing lot of frustration among the farmers. I m sure it will also lead to rural – urban migration. Govt should do something for that.

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