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Ministry responds to Supreme Court construction corruption

Feb 27, 2013

SupreCourtConstructionCorruptionResponding to a letter from the High Court, the Ministry of Works and Human Settlement has said some of the tender committee members like the former minister, Kinzang Dorji, and former drangpon, Jigme Zangpo, resigned from service a few years ago.

The Supreme Court had directed the High Court to issue a letter earlier this month to the ministry asking if it will take action against the construction tender committee members of the Supreme Court.

The letter goes on to say Rinchen Dorji, the director of department of urban development and engineering services will superannuate in April, this year. It also says some of the committee members have been transferred to different agencies in different places.

The ministry has also expressed its reservation in taking action against two members, Ugen Tshewang and Phuntsho Gyeltshen. The letter says they are hard working and have served the government with dedication.  The ministry feels that taking action against them could demoralize them. The ministry has, however, assured the high court that it will take action against the members within the deadline given by the Supreme Court.


7 Comments for “Ministry responds to Supreme Court construction corruption”

  1. pema T

    The letter says they hard working and have served the government with dedication.
    (They Hardworking —–????)
    Please BBS, EDIT WELL !!

  2. drangpu tenzin

    What the hell is this…………if something is wrong… be it within or superannuated.. the rule should be same. Then every there become there complacent and becomes more flexible and indeed corrupted when they are about get superannuated.

  3. scale

    were they not working hard for vested interest? ok in bhutan if you are about to superannuate, intend to resign, exhibit to someone that u r hardworking by licking their boot then you are immune from corruption charges. you can indulge into it…

  4. pema

    The response from MoWHS is absolutely ridiculous and that very response shows how they work. Law is law, and there is no distinction if one is serving or resigned. If no action is taken for people who resigned or superannuated, then we will see more and more corrupt practice in future. The other ridiculous response is because someone is hard working and dedicated it becomes difficult to take action. What a Joke? I think everyone is hard working which means there should not be any action taken for whatever lapses the civil servants commit.

    The courts should therefore make sure that appropriate actions are taken against those people or committee who has intentionally favored one against the other, else, ACC should take over and prosecute.

  5. The Ministry itself is corrupted, its called favoritism towards the two official. Haha. silly HARDWORKING .

  6. drangpu tenzin

    Is this case again testing the patience of ACC?…

    Please be fair!

  7. Dorji

    I congratulate the MOWHS for not taking any action. These officials have done a good job of completing the tender process under so much stress, especially because it was so necessary to start the ground work. Unlike in the corporations, they do not even have committee fees and this work is an additional task they took to serve the country. All these officials have served the nations for many years with utmost dedication and they have handled hundred of projects. Therefore, I wholly support MoWHS.

    If the government officials are punished each a contractor complains, then it is will very difficult find government officials to take any decisions.

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