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Bodies discovered in Dagana

Feb 27, 2013

BodyDiscovered-DukjeygangThe bodies of a 34-year-old male and a 21-year-old female were discovered in Drukjeygang, today. The Dagana Police who were informed about the bodies have found that they had died in a road fatality about a week ago.

The Santro car they had been travelling in had gone off the road at an area, locally, called the zero point on the highway.

The bodies of the man and woman were found about 200 metres away from the car. The police are investigating the accident.

2 Comments for “Bodies discovered in Dagana”

  1. Namgay N

    Y dont u guys mention their names, where they work, their relationship etc so atleast relatives n viewers will know…..bcoz i find ur’ll don’t update most of news like the other news channel…..

  2. cheku

    perhaps there may be a media practice to mention so called “the news is followed, investigation is underway” but media house never do follow up on the issue…….at times i feel many people are denied right to information……
    so surprising at times that the news in Paro covered up from Tsirang through someone there and vice-versa….the media reporters are competing who can present the breaking news first but without much analysis often creating misunderstanding among people……….
    so media is not well practiced by some of our reporters…..
    many focuses to one direction to 180 degree but what about the other half of 180degree of 360 angle… so media bias is hurting many……
    hope the concerned people are looking into the matter…..

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