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Slight decrease in the number of accidents

Oct 26, 2010

With the increasing number of vehicles in the country, number of accidents has been on the rise every year. Last year a total of 1,436 accident cases were reported across the country. However, there is a slight decrease in the cases this year. Around 980 accident cases have been reported till date.

The traffic police say that the decrease is because of the strategies put in place and the co-operation received from the public.

According to the data, Thimphu recorded the highest number of accidents. A total of 841 accidents were recorded in Thimphu alone. A total of 841 accidents were recorded in Thimphu alone.

Around 46 deaths and 407 injuries were recorded this year across the country.  Last year, according to the records, there were 77 deaths and 579 injuries.

Speaking to BBS, the SP of the Traffic Division said human errors were the main cause in most accidents. It accounted a total of 742 cases.

Human error is the main cause for accidents. Human error means the drunken driving, carelessness of the man behind the steering and people driving without license,” said Major Passang Dorji, SP, Traffic Division.

He also said some of the strategies to reduce accidents have been put in place. “We have now divided Thimphu into 11 beats. We have a total of 8 bikers and they will do patrolling in those areas. We placed them in all the necessary places and they control the traffics at that particular place. So this will help in reducing the congestion and control the people who are over speeding.”

Major Passang Dorji said highway patrolling guideline has been distributed all over the divisions across the country. He said with the guideline in place, extensive patrolling will be carried out.

The SP said the strategy of bike patrolling is only in Thimphu as of now. He, however, said similar strategies will also be implemented in rest of the Dzongkhag looking at the availability of budget and manpower.

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