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Fluctuating Price of sand

Construction industry is booming and so is the demand for materials, Sand is one of them. Contractors say, the price of sand keeps fluctuating depending on the transportation cost.

Number of Black Necked Crane decline in Bumdeling

The number of endangered black necked cranes, roosting in Boomdeling in Trashiyangtse has steadily declined over the years. In the early nineties more than two hundred black necked cranes were recorded. But today, a little over a hundred are spotted every winter.

Story of a physically challenged student

Tshering Lhamo,is a student with special need at Zangtherpo Community Primary School under Chhoekhor gewog in Bumthang is doing well. Despite her disability, the 10-year-old attends classes like any other normal children. She became physically disabled when she was seven months old.

Picture Story

Three stores belonging to RBG were razed this afternoon in Dechenchholing.

Rupee crunch- an opportunity to boost local farm production

Local farm produce is likely to hit the vegetable markets soon, if it goes as planned by the respective agencies. The Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives has already started collecting market information on quantity and price of agriculture produce.

Bamboo houses to boost farmers income in Samtse

The Farmer’s group of Pakpay Community Forest in Samtse is constructing a Bamboo Model House. Once complete the house will be rented to local farmers to set up sales counter for local farm produce. The house will also have a guest room for visitors.

People’s participation in practice in Tsirang

Farm road construction in Tsirang saw drastic improvement in quality after people were involved in planning as well supervision. Earlier, constructions were monitored by the local leaders and Dzongkhag engineers.

Environment Friendly Road Construction- how far is it being implemented?

Environment friendly road construction technique was introduced in the Kingdom in 1999. Yet, after over a decade, implementers find it difficult to put into practice for several reasons. This was revealed at a sensitisation workshop on environment friendly construction techniques in Thimphu.

Royal Securities Exchange goes online

The Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Limited, RSEBL inaugurated an online system called Integrated System to trade in stocks and securities.

One day on Earth screened

The United Nations in collaboration with the One Day on Earth online Community screened the first ever film that has footage shot in every country on the planet on a single day.

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