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Youth farm groups revive acres of fallow land, Sarpang

Many villages across the country are struggling with people leaving the lands fallow. In Chhudzergang Gewog of Sarpang, bushes and jungles are the last vestiges on the acres of once bountiful lands. However, the long-abandoned private farmlands are getting revived.
The gewog administration recently leased 112 acres of uncultivated land to three youth farming groups for  mass cultivation. The private plots are on lease.

Agriculture extension offices should have pesticides in stock, farmers in Sarpang

Although the use of pesticides is widely discouraged, farmers of Sarpang feel the agriculture extension offices in the gewogs should keep its stocks ready. They say, now, with most of them into mass commercial farming, controlled use of pesticides could be necessary in future. And they fear it may not be available when required.

FMCL initiates potato cultivation in over eight acres of fallow land, Chhumig in Bumthang

Land reclamation and mass vegetable cultivation works are underway in several farms across the country for the School and Hospital Feeding Program. The program was implemented in 2019 after the World Food Programme withdrew its support for the School Feeding Program in Bhutan by the end of 2018. In Bumthang, the Farm Machinery Corporation (FMCL) is carrying out potato cultivation in over eight acres of land at Chhumig Gewog.

Crop ambassadors to help and guide farmers in producing and marketing

To strengthen horticulture development plans, and expand and stabilise farm operations to meet the market demands in the country, the Horticulture Association of Bhutan appointed 18 crop ambassadors for over eight districts, yesterday.

Exporters worried about orange business with low demand from Bangladesh, Gelegphu

Oranges in Gelegphu orange export depot are rotting as the demand for oranges from Bangladesh is plummeting. This has worried the exporters. Exporters say the depot this time received an overwhelming supply of oranges from Dagana, Tsirang and Zhemgang.

Chilli shortage in Samdrup Jongkhar

Farmers in Samdrup Jongkhar cultivated winter chillies in more than 30 acres of land, however, residents in Samdrup Jongkhar town are taking less spicy meals these days since the vegetable market in the town is without green chillies for more than a month now. Villagers say because of the cold-weather, chillies are not growing well. 

Land Management Project expected to boost agricultural production, Punakha

This year, people of Nabchhed chiwog in Punakha are expecting an increase in the production of cash crops with the ongoing Land Management Project in the village. With most of their lands located on sloppy landscapes, growing varieties of crops have always been a challenge for them. The project carried out by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) is expected to benefit over 30 households.

Farmers cultivate green chillies for the first time in Jangdung village, Monggar

The hot issue of chilli is not going to cool down anytime soon. The demand keeps rising against the close to no supply in the market. However, farmers are exploring means to cultivate green chillies to meet the demand during winter. A group of farmers in Jangdung village under Saling Gewog in Monggar have planted hybrid chillies for the first time.

Mass tomato cultivation in Tsirang

Besides green chillies, farmers of Sergithang Gewog in Tsirang are now into mass tomato production. Following a shortage of tomatoes for a few months last year amid the pandemic, farmers are growing organic tomatoes in five acres of land.

Hydroponic fodder farming to address the shortage of fodders, Monggar

Imagine fresh green and nutritious feed for your cattle, right from a greenhouse near your cattle shed or in your premises and envision carrying the leafy greens that are not stocked for months. These are the potentials of hydroponic cultivation.

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