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First-ever commercial based large scale oyster mushroom cultivation in Gasa

Farmers in Khatoed Gewog in Gasa will be cultivating oyster mushroom from next month. This is to earn additional income besides the shiitake mushroom cultivation. Until now, farmers have been earning good income from the shiitake mushroom cultivation.  However, it takes longer duration for fruiting and requires more manpower.

Farm road expected to boost agriculture in Woongborang, Pema Gatshel

From this winter, villagers of Woongborang chiwog in Pema Gatshel are expected to transport their farm produce more conveniently. This is because the chiwog will be connected with a farm road by October this year. For now, the farmers have to carry the produce on their back or on horseback.

Overwhelming response to ginger buyback in Dorokha, Samtse

The government’s ginger buyback scheme has received an overwhelming response from the farmers in Dorokha under Samtse. Farmers from the dungkhag sold over 82 tonnes, equivalent to six truckloads of ginger during the buyback, which lasted four days. The government initiated the buyback scheme considering the poor market situation for the product due to the pandemic.

No proper vegetable shed hampers sale of farm produce, Saling Geowg in Monggar

With no proper vegetable shed, farmers of Saling Gewog in Monggar saw a drastic decrease in the sale of their farm produce. Their temporary vegetable shed was demolished in October last year. And since then, they have been back on the roadside. The issue was discussed during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdu. 

Farmers in Jamkhar Gewog share mixed reactions on their first ever chilli cultivation

To meet the chilli shortage for the off-season, farmers of Jamkhar gewog in Trashi Yangtse ventured into growing four varieties of chillies on a pilot basis in November last year. This was their first-ever attempt cultivating chillies on a large scale. But to their surprise, the chilli production wasn’t as expected this time.  

Unemployed youth take up farming, Pema Gatshel

Amid the gloom and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, four unemployed youth of Durungri in Pema Gatshel have taken up vegetable farming. The youth decided to give a try in farming after seeing devastating socio-economic consequences caused by the pandemic. 

Yak herders confronted with marketing issues amid the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economies across the world and yak herders in the remote mountains of Bhutan are no exception. For instance, at Tsento Gewog in Paro, nearly forty-five yaks have been slaughtered and sold for meat after the pandemic affected their dairy and Cordyceps businesses. In Dhur Chiwog of Bumthang Dzongkhag where there […]

A year into the pandemic: becoming self-sufficient in food and agricultural produce

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy at large, but it also opened doors to plenty of opportunities. One important lesson was becoming self-sufficient in food and agricultural produce. Nearly 30 new commercial farms came up last year alone. Individuals also ventured into growing their food.

Youth farm groups revive acres of fallow land, Sarpang

Many villages across the country are struggling with people leaving the lands fallow. In Chhudzergang Gewog of Sarpang, bushes and jungles are the last vestiges on the acres of once bountiful lands. However, the long-abandoned private farmlands are getting revived.
The gewog administration recently leased 112 acres of uncultivated land to three youth farming groups for  mass cultivation. The private plots are on lease.

Agriculture extension offices should have pesticides in stock, farmers in Sarpang

Although the use of pesticides is widely discouraged, farmers of Sarpang feel the agriculture extension offices in the gewogs should keep its stocks ready. They say, now, with most of them into mass commercial farming, controlled use of pesticides could be necessary in future. And they fear it may not be available when required.

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