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Relocated students from Phuentshogling move to Phaduna in Punakha

The students of Phuentshogling who have been relocated to Punakha have begun moving to their new campus from today. With sporadic community infections ongoing in Phuentshogling, schools have remained closed while students have been learning their lessons online. In line with His Majesty’s concern over the impact on their education, the Southern COVID-19 Task Force recommended moving the students of classes IX and above to a low-risk zone.

Sarpang C19TF issues three-day closure notice to 13 businesses for breaching COVID protocols

The Sarpang COVID-19 Task Force issued a three-day closure notice to 13 business entities in the district from today for not complying with COVID-19 safety protocols despite repeated reminders by the task force.

National COVID-19 Task Force to confirm plans to ease some COVID restrictions

During the Meet The Press session today, the Prime Minister announced that the National COVID-19 Task Force is planning to ease some of the COVID restrictions. The relaxation includes time extension of businesses for an hour more and decreasing the quarantine period to two weeks. The decision as per the Prime Minister will come within two to three days.

Health ministry studying the need for booster dose

The Health Minister says samples have been collected to test the level of antibody developed after two doses of COVID vaccine. This, she said would help determine the need for a third dose or a booster dose. The government is also keeping tabs on the emergence of global evidences on the requirement of booster doses.

Difficult for CFM management to implement safety protocols – Thimphu

Thimphu hasn’t reported any COVID-19 case for some time now, but this doesn’t mean we can return to normalcy. Of many places in the capital, where crowding is almost unavoidable, one is the Centenary Farmer’s Market. With hordes of farmers bringing their farm products, some days turn chaotic. This has challenged the efforts of the management and security there. 

Health ministry to roll out second dose for children aged 12-17 in October

From nearly 76,000 children aged 12-17 in the country, over 59,000 have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine so far. The health ministry plans to roll out the second dose in the first week of October.

Zhemgang C-19TF penalises several offices, institutes and individuals for non-compliance with COVID protocols

The Zhemgang District COVID-19 Task Force recently fined several offices, institutes and individuals for non-compliance with COVID safety protocols. The offenders were caught during an inspection carried out by the task force on Thursday last week. According to the task force, people are getting complacent after the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
During the inspection, […]

Crematorium in Thimphu unable to abide by COVID Safety Protocols

Rules and ideas are useless unless implemented. It remains incomplete. The risks of the pandemic are heightening, but we seem to fall back to our normal days, especially at crematoriums. Despite protocols and notification by the National COVID-19 Task Force, it remains to be seen that we are failing to adhere to the rules.

Enhancing COVID safety protocols at containment centres, Phuentshogling

Given the high risks of COVID-19 transmission at containment centres, stakeholders functioning under containment mode in Phuentshogling are being made to sign undertaking letters. This is to ensure as well as enhance COVID safety protocols at the centres. More than 200 companies such as the mini dry port, warehouses and factories in Phuentshogling function under containment mode.

WHO and UNICEF flag risks of not following COVID-19 safety measures

Being vaccinated does not mean one is safe from the clutches of the Coronavirus. As new strains and mutations of the virus emerge, the United Nation International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO)warn the threat of the disease is far from over. Vital measures such as hand-washing with soap, wearing masks and avoiding crowds are still highly recommended to reduce the risks.

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