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The Pandemic: One Year On- Prime Minister recalls the event and the journey

The Prime Minister recalls the event from the 5th March last year, and the journey thereon. In the process unfolds qualities and characteristics that make Bhutan so unique and successful. It reveals Bhutan’s biggest strength, His Majesty’s leadership that steers Bhutan out of the pandemic that devastatingly hit the entire world. The Prime Minister said moving forward, His Majesty remains the country’s confidence to overcome all diversities.

The Pandemic: One Year On- front liners and the pandemic

Globally, Bhutan has been lauded for its response to the pandemic. Its preparedness, detection, and preventive strategies are often referred to as lessons for bigger and wealthier nations. And it is because of the commitment and hard work of the frontline workers.

The Pandemic: One Year On- a rough year for football officials

The Pandemic has also brought about a fair share of impact on the sporting fraternity. It has affected game officials, especially referees officiating football matches in the capital. The lockdowns have been rough for them as they narrate in this story.

A year into the pandemic: BBP gives a lifeline to laid-off employees

While the Build Bhutan Project (BBP) has come under close public scrutiny recently after it failed to implement the promised pay revision, it did help those who were laid-off from the hospitality and tourism sector to pull through these tough times after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country.
23-year-old Sonam Dema, who was dismissed from her work in […]

One year into the pandemic: major turbulence in the aviation sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked major turbulence in the aviation sector. It has brought one of the growing industries reeling to the ground, as losses translate to millions of ngultrum. And in a desperate time, the two airline companies in the country have called for desperate measures.

A year into the pandemic: becoming self-sufficient in food and agricultural produce

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on the economy at large, but it also opened doors to plenty of opportunities. One important lesson was becoming self-sufficient in food and agricultural produce. Nearly 30 new commercial farms came up last year alone. Individuals also ventured into growing their food.

A year into the pandemic: the first COVID-19 case and its ripple effects

Exactly a year ago on the eve of 6th March, Bhutan recorded its first COVID-19 case, an American tourist. The 76-year-old American tourist arrived in the country with his partner from Guwahati in India on 2nd March. His partner also tested positive after two weeks. However, their guide and driver, Kinley and  Dorji Tshering tested negative although they were close contacts.

A year into the pandemic: Entertainment centres sentenced to slow death, Hope keeps it alive

Physical distancing is one of the best measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, according to experts. And Bhutan embraced this prevention measure seriously. This decision forced the entertainment centres like karaoke, night clubs and Drayangs to close down. Until today, they have not been permitted to open their businesses. And with no certainty as to when the restrictions will be lifted, their sustainability has been put into question.

No active case in the country after a year of the first COVID-19 case

It has been exactly a year since Bhutan reported the first case of coronavirus infection. Over the last year, the country recorded close to 900 confirmed cases of COVID-19. And today there is no active case of COVID-19 in the country with the lone case declared recovered in the last 24 hours.  

UNICEF and ADB handover two refrigerated vans and essential medical supplies to MoH

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) handed over two refrigerated vans and essential medical supplies to the Ministry of Health, today. This is to support the government’s preparedness in rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine.
The vans will be used in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines and also support the […]

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