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Bhutan will ask developed countries to cut down their emissions at UN Climate Summit

Although not a major contributor, Bhutan along with other least developed countries remain most vulnerable to threats and negative impacts of climate change. So as the chair of Least Developed Countries(LDC) Bhutan will ask the developed countries at the United Nations Climate Summit to cut down their emissions to maintain temperature rise below 1.5 degree Celsius.

Trashtag Bhutan and Plastic Ban Advocacy bags 2nd prize in Plastic Initiative Award

Trashtag Bhutan and Plastic Ban Advocacy bagged the second prize in an international award, ‘Plastic Initiative Award’ developed by UNESCO Bangkok. The program involving over 121 schools across the country cleaned up more than 5,000 bags of waste in communities while advocating for the enforcement of a plastic ban in April this year.

SATRC-20 held in Paro

Members of South Asian Telecommunication Regulatory Council (SATRC) met in Paro to discuss the technical perspectives of the 5G internet and broadband connectivity and creating a roadmap for development and formulating policies.

Bilateral meeting on waste management

Gearing up towards zero waste by 2030 mission, the National Environment Commission (NEC) met with the delegates from the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) of India today. The meeting discussed collaborating in technical and financial assistance to address the waste management issues and challenges between the two countries.

MoIC aims to successfully implement Digital DrukYul flagship programme

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering emphasised on the importance of Digital DrukYul Flagship Programme during the signing of the Annual Performance Agreement (APA) of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) today. Digital DrukYul, is an ICT Flagship programme which is expected to transform Bhutan by digitally empowering its citizens.

Crane Karma is male,test confirms the gender after 3 years

Following three years of an attempt to determine Crane Karma’s gender, it was finally found that Crane karma is a male earlier this week. It was all possible with the help of the Japanese experts from the National Museum of Nature and Science. The Japanese team was provided with feather samples of Crane Karma to determine its gender.

Research and education communities to get high capacity and high-quality internet

Bhutan will now be connected to the global academic community through Asi@Connect Bhutan project that was launched today. The European Union co-funded Asi@Connect project provides a dedicated regional high capacity and high-quality internet network for research and education communities across Asia-Pacific and Europe.

Digitial DrukYul-transforming Bhutan by digitally empowering citizens.

Three years from now Bhutanese can expect to access the majority of the public services online. The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) will be implementing Digital Drukyul, an ICT flagship programme. The programme is expected to transform Bhutan by digitally empowering its citizens.

Digitisation of banking services

With the volume of electronic money transactions expanding over the years, the drive for digitization in the banking sectors has seen tremendous growth in the country.

Bhutan will have three Panoptes telescopes by the year end

Bhutan will have three Panoptes telescopes installed and operational by the end of the year. These telescopes will help to detect transiting exoplanets. This is a citizen science project to encourage the use of technology in scientific space exploration. A group of astronomers are installing the Telescopes in the country.

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