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Boulder export from Gelegphu not up to the mark

Boulder export from Gelephu to Bangladesh resumed in November last year, but it has never been able to regain its normal pace even until now. Most of the exporters have now suspended the export due to risks along the 350 kilometres highway through the Assam and Meghalaya states.

Orange exporters in Gelegphu face labour shortage

Gelegphu is in its peak season of orange export, but with a limited number of people working in the depots, the shortage of labourers has become a cause of concern for the exporters. The youth facilitated by the regional labour office in Gelegphu are leaving the work one after another. 

Tax-free business for small and micro businesses until 2024 end

Taking into account the loss of revenue in the small and micro businesses, especially in the rural areas amid the pandemic, the Finance Ministry extended the exemption of Business Income Tax for such businesses until 31st December 2024. The Department of Revenue and Customs issued a notification today.

Winter vegetables in Sarpang delay harvest

It is the peak season this time around for fresh vegetables from Sarpang to hit the market, however, it is going to be a little longer, before the abundance. Blame it to the unseasonal rainfall; farmers were not able to start vegetable cultivation on time.

Lockdown not a worry, Nganglam continues mandarin export

Mandarin exporters and farmers alike in Nganglam of Pema Gatshel were apprehensive of the business when the government announced the second nationwide lockdown. But with relevant agencies up-to their best to keep the business running, they are all smiles. 

Ground apples of Goenshari in Punakha ready, market remains vague

About one and a half truckloads of ground apples are getting ready for harvest under Goenshari Gewog in Punakha. However, with markets closed amidst the pandemic, Othbar Mountain Horticulture Project, which initiated the commercial production, is worried.

Thimphu residents have more access to livestock products

With the demand for meat and dairy products soaring by the day, over 13 meat shops were allowed to open in Thimphu, starting yesterday. With this, Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation, BLDC, will replenish the stocks to the retailor shops, as and when required.

Despite lockdown, boulder export from Phuentsholing remains uninterrupted

With some 1500 trucks ferrying boulders, mines, and minerals, the boulder export business in Phuntsholing is being carried-out hassle-free, even amidst the lockdown. The containment zone at Amochhu which started last week is facilitating the export.

Boulder export from Samtse remains uninterrupted

Despite the nationwide lockdown, the export of boulders and mandarins from Samtse remains uninterrupted. There is no restriction of movement of vehicles ferrying mandarins till the depot at the Food Corporation of Bhutan.

Bhutan writes to the Government of India requesting for extension of onion import

The Bhutan government has recently written to the Government of India, to extend onion import for another three to four months. The Indian government approved the monthly import of 150 metric tons of onions from October till this month as a special exemption.

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