English | Dzongkha Friday, July 30, 2021

G-camp engages more than 8000 students over summer break

The first Gyalyong Nazhoen Camp or G-camp in short engaged over 8000 youth from across the country in a three-day virtual event. The participants, comprising scouts and non-scout students, were engaged in various advocacy, skilling, and fun activities virtually during the event, which ended today.     

13th Golden Youth Award to go virtual starting tomorrow

In keeping with the COVID-19 safety protocols, the 13th Golden Youth Award Camp will begin virtually from tomorrow. A hundred students, selected from across the country, will take part in the event. The students will compete for the prestigious Golden Youth title.

Langkey-a disappearing culture

There was a time when songs would echo across the fields of Jibjo Yuesarkha chiwog in Punakha during the paddy transplantation season. A farmer would sing to his oxen while ploughing the fields, bringing alive the otherwise a tedious and monotonous task. These days, it has become a rare sight. The practice, commonly known as Langkay, is slowly fading; the songs are becoming more distant.

Education ministry to recruit 138 B.Ed graduates as Regular Contract Teachers next month

At a time when most schools are struggling with a teacher shortage, around 200 B.Ed graduates from Paro and Samtse Colleges of Education have been unemployed for about a year now. They are waiting for the education ministry to announce the regular contract vacancies. The ministry usually recruits B.Ed graduates on contract as regular contracts after the recruitment of regular teachers. The ministry deployed 321 B.Ed graduates as regular teachers earlier this week.

Most teenage pregnancies go unreported

A 12-year-old girl giving birth in Samdrup Jongkhar would have gone unnoticed if she had not taken her baby to a BHU after complications. According to the Respect, Educate, Nurture, and Empower Women (RENEW), many such cases across the country go unreported. Data with the organisation shows that there were around 200 cases of teenage pregnancy last year from 17 districts.

B.A. in Dzongkha and Culture Studies

Starting July this year, the College of Language and Culture Studies (CLCS) at Tagste in Trongsa will offer Bachelor’s Degree in Dzongkha and Culture Studies. The new degree programme will not require applicants to score a minimum of 50 per cent in English as one of the criteria. The applicants will just need a pass mark in the subject. This change is expected to attract more students with good Dzongkha background.

Girls of Monggar HSS relocated to dining and multi-purpose hall following a fire accident

After a unit of the girls’ dormitory of Mongar Higher Secondary School was damaged by a fire on Monday, the school management relocated all 198 girls to the school dining hall and the multi-purpose hall. The school management says the girls will be moved to the dormitory once the renovations works are fully complete.

Hostel congestion in Samcholing Central School in Trongsa

With an increased number of students opting Arts stream, the girls’ hostel of Samcholing Central School in Trongsa is congested this year. Students said it has been difficult to study in a crowded room. Samcholing Central School has 426 students.

Bammung Entrepreneur Club- hands-on experience cultivating mushrooms, Yurung Central School

Bammung entrepreneur, a mushroom business idea by the Yurung Central School in Pema Gatshel is one of the winners of the Bhutan New Venture Challenge last year. Bhutan New Venture Challenge is a business idea competition held by the Labour Ministry to promote Bhutanese Entrepreneurship. Today, the school’s business idea is slowly turning into reality with the introduction of the Bammung Entrepreneur Club in the school.

Bhutanese youth opt for welding works, Zhemgang

Labour shortage has been a challenge for the construction sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, in Zhemgang, Bhutanese youth are seen taking up the welding works. Although the job has been tiring work, they said they can earn their living through the profession. Earlier, the foreign labourers have been doing the welding works in Zhemgang. 

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