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Ropeway of Goenshari, an ancient gear needs replacement

A ropeway, the only lifeline to cross the Mochhu River, two households of Yangkana under Goenshari Gewog in Punakha is genuinely in need of a proper bridge. It has been two decades now that the villages have been dependent on the ropeway to travel and transport their goods till the nearest road point.

Boulder export from Gelegphu not up to the mark

Boulder export from Gelephu to Bangladesh resumed in November last year, but it has never been able to regain its normal pace even until now. Most of the exporters have now suspended the export due to risks along the 350 kilometres highway through the Assam and Meghalaya states.

No travel for those who do not own a private car?

With the inter-dzongkhag travel restriction still in force, the government has facilitated travel for stranded people in various parts of the country since a few days back, but what of those who do not own a private car?

Samtse reinstates mandatory quarantine

With the relaxation of the lockdown in Samtse yesterday, the seven-day mandatory quarantine for all out-bound travellers from the district was reinstated. Although the dzongkhag was declared a green zone without any COVID-19 positive cases, it is still considered a high-risk area because of its proximity to the border. 

Sharpa and Baangdey- spelling variations causing confusions

Following the extensive use of names of the places such as Sharpa and Baangdey in Paro amid COVID-19 stories by BBS, a public outcry poured in, regarding the uniformity and correctness of spelling and pronunciation. However, speaking to the relevant agencies, BBS learned that the issue is everywhere and that there is no standard to it.

Haa landfill in shambles

Reportedly endangering the health of people and animals nearby and damaging the forest, the Haa waste disposal site at Anakha in Uesu Gewog continues to be a nuisance. The 10 years capacity of the landfill was over in 2016, but waste disposal at the site seems to find no end.

Bhutan Red Cross Society to the rescue during the lockdown

From helping patients avail themselves of medical services to the delivery of essentials amid the lockdown, ‘Ride for Health’ by the Bhutan Red Cross Society (BRCS) couldn’t have been more supportive and timely. Since the lockdown, the initiative has helped about 100 people in Thimphu alone.

A man treats security personnel in Samtse

For the security personnel stationed across the outposts and border of Samtse, Nyilo turned out to be a good treat. All for the kindness of a Samaritan from Yeoseltse Gewog, they had all the reasons to rejoice and smile, despite being far from home.

Surge in domestic violence during the second lockdown

In the last 10 days of the nationwide lockdown, 31 women were reportedly victimized by domestic violence. This is as per records maintained with Respect, Educate, Nurture, and Empower Women (RENEW). It is a huge increase compared to the same period during the previous lockdown. 

Winter vegetables in Sarpang delay harvest

It is the peak season this time around for fresh vegetables from Sarpang to hit the market, however, it is going to be a little longer, before the abundance. Blame it to the unseasonal rainfall; farmers were not able to start vegetable cultivation on time.

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