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Draagteng Gewog to have one stop office very soon

With a three-storey building nearing completion, the Draagteng Gewog office in Trongsa will soon be providing all its gewog services to its people from it. The building will host all the branch offices in one place. The new gewog office which will serve as a one-stop service Centre is expected to open from June.

Solving drinking water scarcity; Borewells

Having access to borewell machines, Gelegphu Thromde hopes to turn the drinking water scarcity as the story of the past. The Thromde is now exploring more number of borewell drinking water sources around the town.

Boulder exporters in Gelegphu request interventions from authorities

The boulder export business to Bangladesh from Gelegphu has come to a standstill, once again. But unlike earlier this year, this time, it is not due to any official order. The exporters and transporters are reluctant to continue with their business due to problems encountered in transporting the material. They are now requesting for an immediate intervention from relevant authorities.

Weringla Dungkhag in need of basic facilities

Without a Basic Health Unit (BHU), a school and a separate Dungkhag Court within the Dungkhag premises, the staff and residents have to travel more than 10 kilometres to avail themselves of the services from Silambi Gewog in Monggar.

Landslides threaten Khalong village in Monggar

Landslides in Khalong village of Narang Gewog in Monggar have left the people worried. They say every year land below their village is getting eroded, posing threat to some 46 households. 

Poor drainage system blamed for causing landslide, Ridzommo

Following the landslides which damaged cash crops, people of Ridzommo under Dechhenling Gewog in Pema Gatshel are requesting for a retaining wall. They say such an intervention has become immediate to minimize the impending risks and damages to their source of income.

The Tshoglham; from Gewog Tshogde to DT to District Administration

The incident of a civil servant in Trongsa being reminded to wear the traditional Tshoglham boots in Korphu Gewog Tshogde has lately gone viral on social media.

Crematorium in Samdrupchhoeling lacks basic facilities

The crematorium in Samdrupchhoeling Dungkhag lacks basic facilities like water supply, electricity, toilets among others. Also, the road to the crematorium is in bad condition. People say they face inconveniences without these facilities.

Farm road construction guideline needs review:Samtse DT

The Dzongkhag Tshogdu (DT) members in Samtse discussed the need to review the current farm road construction eligibility rules. As of now, the budget is only available if a farm road is over a kilometre long and leads to a village with no less than 20 households. This, the members say, is depriving the people of reaping economic advantages.

Accelerating Mother and Child Health program to begin from next year

The cabinet approved the Accelerating Mother and Child Health Program as a national policy on August 27. Health Minister Dechen Wangmo shared this during the launch of the Strategic Plan for Cervical Cancer program recently.

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