NC ECB Debate

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NC BBS Panel

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  1. killer on said:

    How can people who has majored in foreign languages perform in Bhutanese society. Election commission should be aware of this, where Dzongkha is foremost, and English must be just secondary as we can see it many other countries. Proficiency in English is not relevant in Drukyul .

  2. Pema on said:

    Candidates are not serious about the debate. This is their first and most important responsibility. This shows how efficient they will be in carrying out their responsibility if in case they get elected.

    The question-answer session was so dead and coming to the stage without preparing question is really shameful. It shows how responsible they would be if elected.

    Please, lets not take NC and MP as Job should not unnecessarily take part.

    On the management part, it would be nice if time keeper comes with are very loud and sharp bell so, as to avoid any misunderstanding.

  3. sonam on said:

    please kindly Upload NC debate Samtse.

  4. any ways BBS & ECB is doing thier good luck...nothing more especial from our side...please do carry on.. on said:


  5. lalatata on said:

    most of the candidates are incapable of holding the responsibility. the people should look for the right person if we really think that we should have the upper House……or else the upper house if filled with those candidates seen on BBS(NC debate) our gift of democracy is going to be a failure…………!

    • Tshewang Jamtsho on said:

      Yes.. it is a serious problem. more than 60% of the upper house will be a trainee or a dead seats. Hope the remaining ones will carry on with the added responsibility.

  6. jaleeng on said:

    Some of the NC candidates are not even confident enough in front of the public….. they are just stood for fun…

    • baldorji on said:

      Forget about the confidence of NC people, what about their clarity & fluency in National Language? Not even 10% of the voters during the gathering understood 10% of what they spoke for they could not express using the correct vocabulary. The NC debate of Tsirang & Samtse was worst & henceforth ECB must set standards.

  7. sangay on said:

    when is the NC debate for wangdue dzongkhag. since am away from the dzongkhag on official duty couldn’t attend to their common forums, m waiting for the debate to choose to whom i should vote..after watching the debate i wl caste my postal ballot but m worried my vote may not reach the returning officers office in time..
    Suggestions to BBS and ECB..m for the program u people have initiated and it is really benefiting people like us who cannot be in the gewog or dzongkhag to listen to candidates pledges and their plans for the country. however i would like also to suggest if such debates could be telecast bit earlier..because now NC debate for Wangdue is on 17th and will my vote reach there if i send it after the debate..because i can’t caste my vote without knowing the candidates myself.

  8. wangchuk dorji on said:

    Some error in Paro NC debate and panel upload and Gasa NC panel as well. Please rectify.

  9. activist on said:

    I just don’t understand the Bhutanese society.It has turned out very different after democracy.It is sad that few of our doctors and good engineers who are underpaid in government are restricted from becoming politicians..Everywhere in the world Doctors,engineers,lawyers are considered the cream profession,but here otherwise.How possibly could good doctors,engineers would keep watching a fresh plain degree graduates becoming a politician with a big salary?Even as a student myself,gets disturbed.Long before democracy,i was abnormally interested in becoming a government employee,now i have almost decided to be an engineer at some of the ongoing projects.Democracy sucks,i guess.Most voters are uneducated.i am happy that people get to choose their own candidates to represent them,but we have to question how well he/she could be nice to a Nation.We just can’t ignore the independence of nation..

    • Dorji on said:

      How can I watch live tv online? I used to a few years ago but now I could not find the link. Any help will be appreciated.

  10. opinion on said:

    Sarpang dzongkhag panel is far more better than samtse in terms of speaking national langauge.

  11. baldorji on said:

    How can any NC candidates represent themselves in favor of the people in absence of fluency in national language? It is indeed a shame on them. There is lack of standard in communication. In future, ECB must incorporate one eligibility clause similar to that of LG elections whereby all aspiring NC candidates have to sit for qualifying test. When one cannot express in the parliament, what is the use? One cannot endorse a bill over a cup of tea?

  12. Dhokdola on said:

    I think it’ll be helpful if the videos are downloadable so that we can watch it anytime.

  13. roksha on said:

    The live debate of Mongar was so interesting and inspiring. 3 contestants did exceptionally good but I prefer Tshering Wangchen the most as the way he speak and presentation. He deserve the candidature and god bless him. Mongar Dzongkhag is very fortunate to have him as a aspiring NC candidate.

  14. Mongar dzongkhag NC debate was inspiring me a lot.

  15. Please candidates, don’t take being NC member as a job vacancy. Democracy is not a game to be played by any player. It’s the matter of nation’s security, harmony and stability. Before judging others please judge yourself. Are you really capable to be one? Are you really ready and prepared to handle the matters of nation at highest level?

    Just because you could not get a job doesn’t mean that you be NC candidate. Present inspiring candidates may say how they would get experience when they are not given the opportunity? Opportunity need not necessary be in the NC office. At least get yourself into an area where you can built your capability or nurture it if you have at all one. Of cause, the democracy gives you freedom but one should judge it well and should not take it for granted. FREEDOM DOESN’T MEAN TRYING TO DO WHAT YOU CAN’T DO.

    So, please don’t mess with the matter of Nation. There are many students in the college who do not take their studies seriously because they know that getting job is not everything. Even if they can’t get one, they know that they can always be candidate from their Dzongkhang or constituency for which only qualification matters but not education and knowledge. Why are they doing this? The answer is present candidates. They are motivated by the present scenario.
    The voters or rest of the people of Bhutan is not looking for mere UPPER HOUSE.
    If you are really concerned about the nation and if you don’t have the most appropriate abilities or knowledge required, the better and wise option would be to be a sincere and committed VOTER.
    So, please, lets not mislead the bright ones.

  16. Why BBS didnt provide equal time to all dzongkhags having equal no.of candidates? For example, Thimphu and Wangdue dzongkhags with three candidates each, were given a little more than 62 mins whereas mongar also with three candidates was given only 32 mins.

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