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This series is designed as a modern “PARENTING” tool to encourage and inspire parents to go about life’s most important task and compelling adventure. The segments range from fundamental skills necessary during early childhood care and development to fun ways to connect with your child.

PRODUCERS- ENGLISH – Tshering Chhoden, Phuntsho Choden


PRODUCERS – Karma Choden, Tenzin Dorji


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10 comments on “Parenting

  1. chhimi on said:

    Lets Cook is a good program. But instead of baking fancy cakes at the Taj or fish stuff that are hardly seen by 99% of Bhutan it would be good if you do something more common. Say how to make a Bhutanese Pizza(Zomgha) or Hoentay or even as simple as Kewa Datshi in a nice way..perhaps you could even have a theme and do some Vegan or Vegetarian at times..
    good luck!

  2. pema yangchen on said:

    hi parenting unit,

    first of all, please accept my sincere thanks to your unit for coming up with such a wonderful program. it is always a delight to watch your program, seeing variety of foods being prepared is one of the many reasons.

    i am a mother of a 7 month baby and your segment on “ask the doctor” has really helped my journey of a motherhood. i can always relate myself to the questions asked by parents to my problems and have the doubts cleared.

    please keep up the good work and can’t wait to watch your program today evening.

    all the best and keep the program coming

    best wishes,

    pema yangchen

  3. Chimmi on said:

    after my initial skepticism, i must say i look forward to the parenting programme………. my daughters seem to enjoy the cooking section and have encouraged them to cook……..i personally used to find the Q& A with the doctors informative …….with regard to the cooking programmme i wud appreciate if the focus could be more on the everyday bhutanese dishes so that my daughters can learn from the programmme n take over the kitchen while i relax!!! lol….anyways, Good work!!! n from a family that enjoys ur programmme…we look forward to more…GOOD LUCK!!!

  4. tshering lham on said:

    just dropped in to say that i really enjoy watching your program. its very informative and your program is one that i look forward to…. all the best and it would be nice if you all prepare some bhutanese dishes in the “zay go bay gay”….

  5. Tshering Chhoden Wangdi on said:

    Thanks a lot for your comment. keeping that in mind starting 6th April we have a huge lineup of Bhutanese dishes. if there is any particular dish you would like to learn how to cook or any interesting recipe you would like to share with us please write to us at

  6. Tshering Chhoden Wangdi on said:

  7. Sangay on said:

    Hi Parenting Series, I am a very bad cook and through your program I am learning how to cook a bit. My husband was so happy with the Churu Jaju I made for him and he was so impressed. I am always looking forward to feeding new curry for my husband and family. Good Job!

  8. Good program and it would be nice of BBS have more cooking show….

  9. Kuzu zangpo!
    I really enjoy your cooking series!
    I’m from Germany and I’m trying to live the Bhutanese lifestyle and your series helped a lot.

    Kadrin chhe la! 🙂

  10. Lungdhar on said:

    This parenting program is very helpful to our young parents like who can understand ENGLISH, well if they r educated there r many source of information for them, BUT most of our young parents who lives at village cant understand English language other then DZONGKHA, Parenting program can make very Help full if u can make in DZONGKHA Language too,

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