• Super Spellers

    Super Spellers is an inter school spelling competition. There are fourteen schools in the lower secondary and middle secondary school level in Thimphu taking part on the contest.

  • Lifestyle/Culture

    The identity of a country is a reflection of its tradition and culture. With rapid socio economic development transforming the way we live.

  • Nazhoen Talk

    Nazhoen Talk

  • Nya-Goe (Bhutan’s Strong Men Competition)

  • Do You Know Your Child?

    This series is designed as a modern “PARENTING” tool to encourage and inspire parents to go about life’s most important task and compelling

  • People & Nature

    The documentaries focus on the varied wildlife and their habitat.

  • Jangchub Shing

    A Live call-in show to promote healthy lifestyles with sensible and expert advice from a doctor.

  • Trowa

    Welcome to a sneak preview into what goes on behind the scenes for the latest movies.

  • Music Spotlight

    “MUSIC SPOTLIGHT” illuminates young aspiring musicians and provides a platform to express their dreams, hopes and ambitions.