Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Dawai Kudroen

Anchor Dawa sits face-to-face with news-makers, movers and the shakers. The guest includes presidents and prime ministers to business executives and community leaders.

Every Wednesday @ 9.30 pm

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111 comments on “Dawai Kudroen

  1. phuntsho on said:

    Dear Dawa,

    I really enjoy your program. moreover it was good example for other Guest (Kudroen) to be frank and open like Dasho Neten Zangmo as she was during your last program.

    To be frank and as a feedback, i would like to request Mr. Dawa not to repeat the same question in the english session. ( to cover more topics, if you could ask new questions during the english session).


    • lynpo( education) be practical. Your rhetoric on some born, some inspired teacher will not help in changing the image of teaching profession( which is the last option for many given a choice). You may say money is not the sole factor but i say with conviction that money is everything and you dont have to wait for empirical evidence to prove it. if you disagree, just increase the pay of teachers by 100%, I am sure the creams will flow towards the door of education ministry.

  2. Wang Tshering on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    I have been enjoying your program since from the beginning because it really informed us about the plans,program and views of different guests. Such session will ensure timely knowledge and information to the public which will enhance public service delivery and strengthen democracy.

    i would be grateful if sir could invite RCSC chairman or its commissioner to your program this coming week to enlightened viewers with regard to rules and regulation and like origin of PCS system and other related issues.


    • Dear Dawa,

      You are really doing great job and thanks for all those. We would be very happy if you could bring RCSC chairman and commissioners to your program mainly to discuss on the relevancy of trainings imparted to civil servants. Why the RGOB stipend is not reviewed for long time. Is it the responsibility of RCSC Commissioners or do the commissioners require to invite Dasho Baap Kesang to review the stipend for long term trainings as it was reviewed during his tenure as secretary in 2005.

  3. Rinchen on said:

    Kindly invite representative from RCSC to brief on PCS as Dawai Kudroen or please organize a panel discussion to find out what percent of civil servant are satisfied with PCS.

  4. it will be very nice if you could kindly organize panel discussion on PCS with representative from RCSC.

    • Dear dawa,

      its good you are doing wonderful job. but I have a problem watching BBS. The video and ausion are on different timeline. the video is 15-30 seconds faster than the audio. therefore it is hard to make sense. Do you think you could do something about it.

  5. Sonaw Wangmo on said:

    I am really glad to see the program becoming successful. I think you can name it DRUK JANGDRAI KUDROEN. Thou Dawai Kudroen also sounds good. It just my suggestion. Thank you.

  6. Would love to witness a panel discussion on tourism in Bhutan among tourism council, tourists association abto, guide association, hotel association, handicrafts association and hotel association ( all tourism stake holders).

    government has prioritized tourism and development has been very random, mass tourism is encouraged by government but yet the tourism policy is high value low impact.

  7. Thank you all for your kind words. We will try and do our best to get your instructions fulfilled. Its really difficult to bring in right people for right panel but keeping our fingers crossed that things would improve. Thank you once again and for Mr. Tashi, I will talk to my technical guys and let you know la. Also thank you so much for all your valuable suggestions la.

  8. Wangchuk Tobgye on said:

    སློབ་ཟླ་བ་མཆོག་གིས་ འདི་བཟུམ་མའི་ལས་རིམ་འགོ་འདྲེན་འཐབ་གནང་འདི་གིས་ ང་བཅས་རའི་འབྲུག་མི་ཡོངས་ལུ་ གནམ་མེད་ས་མེད་ཕན་རླབས་ཆེ་ཏོག་ཏོ་ཅིག་ཨིན་པས་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི། འདི་ལུ་བཀའ་དྲིན་དགའ་ཚོར་སྦོམ་ཡོད།

    སློབ་ཟླ་བ་མཆོག་གིས་ སྟབས་བདེ་ཏོག་ཏོ་ཅིག་དང་ དུས་ཚོད་ཡོདཔ་འདྲཝ་ཅིག་འབད་བ་ཅིན་ ང་བཅས་སྒེར་སྡེ་ནང་ལཱ་འབད་མི་ཚུ་ལུ་ ཁྱིམ་ཁང་གླ་དང་འབྲེལ་བའི་སྟབས་མ་བདེཝ་ཡོད་ལུགས་ཀྱི་སྐོར་ལས་ རྩོད་བསྡུར་གྱི་ལས་རིམ་ཅིག་འགོ་འདྲེན་འཐབ་གནང་པ་ཅིན་ ག་ཅི་དེ་བཀའ་དྲིན་ཆེ་ནི་མས་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི་ཨིན་ལགས།

    སྒེར་སྡེ་ནང་ལཱ་འབད་མི་ཚུ་ ཟླ་རིམ་དངུལ་ཕོག་ཚད་ཅིག་ལས་འགལ་མེདཔ་མ་ཚད་ ཐོབ་ཐངས་ཉུང་ཤོས་ ཁང་གླ་སྦོམ་སྤྲོད་དགོཔ་ ཁྱིམ་སྦྱིན་བདག་ཚུ་གིས་ ལོ་རེ་ནང་ ཁང་གླ་ཚར་གཉིས་རེ་སེངཔ་ཨིན་པས། དེ་ཡང་ ཚར་རེ་སེངཔ་ད་ ༡༠༠༠ དང་ ༢༠༠༠ གི་བར་ན་སེངཔ་ཨིན་པས།

    འདི་འབདཝ་ལས་ གནམ་མེད་ས་མེད་བཀའ་ངལ་སྦོམ་ཡོད་ཟེར་ཞུ་ནི།

  9. Thank you all for your support and wonderful suggestions of topics and guests for my programmes. I will definitely keep in mind all these suggestions and indeed work towards it la.
    Bit difficult to mobilise guests for certain topics that you all have suggested but its my duty to convince them and bring them to the platform la.
    Once again thank you all for your very kind words.

  10. Pasang Dorji on said:

    Sir Dawa,
    i was very appreciate that u r doing so great program. we viewers of throughout the country enjoyed during the DAWAI KUDRON la. which includes the your way of speaking and communicate with any audience la.
    started DAWAI KUDRON we the Bhutanese people are so useful and helpful lz.
    Therefore so thanks and tashi delek to U la.

  11. dear dawa,
    i really enjoy ur programmme since inception as it really keeps us informed about the happening in our country.i appeal u to invite RCSC Chairman and his colleagues to talk about PCS system and its implication.This PCS syatem wouuld enable for the civil servent to have clearer picture.

  12. Somcho on said:

    Dawai Kudroen,
    I like your programs it makes me awake but it make me sad sometimes.
    As our times are not timely, i miss your good program. I miss greatly.
    So i would like to request, to make this program available to download from your informative website
    Plz try at the optimum to make this program available to download.
    With great hope, i am sleeping for a while.. :-)

  13. alu penjor on said:

    Its very important to bring to the light of all the people what actual things are being done in some of the corporations and organizations in our country. Like job vacancies and recruitment procedures,how and on what basis its done. what we see and hear some are true and some may be false stories. HROs,MDs,GMs, Managers(Males)miss use of their power and authority, promising jobs especially to the good looking ladies. such similar cases are found in STCBL, PHPA, RSTA.Please try to adress these issues as well when u get time.
    in stcbl some people are asked to make extra payment if they buy the vehicle booked by another person, money receipts are not issued for that extra payment. where it goes into whose pocket. especially in toyota section. lot of differences are also made among the staffs. so please make a visit to pling stcbl.

  14. penjor on said:

    we would like to see the chairman of RCSC brought on the show to discuss on PCS and also to arrange the programme on the people’s voice on this topic

  15. Dear dawa,
    I really enjoyed watching ur Kudroen-Dr.Rinchen Chophel. When u were asking of discipline of students he was talking of teachers inability of teaching.He as a doctor might have good knowledge of treating patients so, as teachers also have 101 ways of teaching.Teachers have also learnt Child Psychology in the college. Teachers know how to treat them.This psychology fails when as reported in the kuensel yesterday students dash teachers. It is not that teachers beat students to make students know what they don’t know or what teachers have not taught them. But it is regarding discipline.
    If Bhutanese are that understanding and educated to that level as his theory, then people like he could have stayed in the previous job in Bhutan when Bhutan was in dire need of doctors. Bhutan hires doctor from other countries and the Bhutanese doctor are leaving to work in other countries. A DOCTOR IRONY.

  16. Mr. Phuntsho, your suggestions are well taken. Thank you so much indeed for your feedback la.

  17. Worried Citizen on said:

    Dear Mr. Dawa
    In our opinion, we feel that it is now very high time to know the effectiveness and efficiency of our MPs and NCs.
    in 2008, they have promises us with so many things but however, we couldn’t able to clearly understand them since the concept of democracy itself was new to us.
    therefore, in order to review and to know our candidate in best possible ways, we request BBS to Re-Broad Cast the candidates’ manifesto so that we will be able to know more about our candidate.

  18. contractors on said:

    Mr Dawa,
    Construction became one of the most difficult activities at this point of time due to rupee crisis, Hike of Interest for the loans and material shortages but government still turns a blind eye even after seeing all such problems. To solve such problems may i request you to kindly invite Mr. Jimba( Minister of MOWHS) and make him understand the situation rather than speaking fake promises.Because at the end he is not doing enough for the private sector.

  19. loday on said:

    journalist Dawa……u r really gifted… if u would bring different programmes for the benefit of whole public…so without hesitation…tashi delek….more to see more new programmes..

  20. pema wangdi on said:

    the moment i switch on the TV,i use 2 watch the programmed list whether journalist dawa s their or not…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..i reali reali enjoy ur programme mae a beutiful track ahead.

  21. Tenzin R on said:

    Dear Dawa ,
    It is more then happy to see your programme related to important issues which have great impact to all people one way or another.It helps the system whether in gov agency , Autonomous body , NGOS and others to be more transparent on their decision/policy/duties and so on at higher levels . So I feel if any flaws at high level affects huge people right below so it is really good initiatives and way of making them accountable and act inline with the interest of all citizen. Many relevant topics are covered with different post holders .
    Few months ago NHDC – also interviewed in the TV and they have big housing plan already in pipe line which was focus on professional and managment groups but it is now few months gone they have not started the project so it would be great to know their stand on the progress of crores budgeted project and what is going inside NHDC.

  22. Tenzin R on said:

    NHDC – should do some thing to ease the housing Cruch in Thimphu

    Some people are living the bangalow of single storey since decades and now they make it their own with illegal extenion of the banglow as there is sufficient area kept for open space ….it became paradise to them….with very minimal rent. So I strongly felt that it is one of the reason that they can not go for Transfer from Thimphu to other districts….Though NHDC talks about Changiji Colony and try to implement tenancy act and review for occupying it but what about those all residential bungalow and do they equally enforce the rule? even after taking all housing under NHDC.. how long they are given to keep occupying 5 yrs,,,10yrs….20yrs…25 yrs….three decades …I fee this is one governing factor why transfer of teacher/civil servants in other districts is not becoming possible rather they do department or intra or inter ministry transfer. This leads increase urban population in one way and in other way there is no equal opportunities for all the civil servant to avail the housing services under NHDC>

  23. Logay on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    i really enjoy your programme and i woul say that keep it up. however, i would like to request that if u could talk on the preservation on culture. i mean what would happen if all the men in Bhutan specially thos who got employed in any sector whether in government service or in the private sectors could wear the Tshoglam in the office huors. so, that our old cultural will be preserved.

  24. Logay on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    i really enjoy your programme and i would say that keep it up. However, i would like to request that if you could talk on the preservation on culture. i mean what would happen if all the men in Bhutan, specially those who get employed in any sector whether in government service or in the private sectors could wear the Tshoglam (traditional boots) in the office hours, so that our old cultural will be preserved. All the Bhutanses will look more handsome and beautiful. i requested this because what we wear right now is all Indian products (specially shoes….), Bangkok, Nepal, etc… and this all because of the currency crunch now a days. i think this problem could be solved in little way, because no imports of shoes from other countries.

  25. Sangay on said:

    Dear Dawa,

    Thanks for your show “Dawai Kudroen”. Indeed it is very good to know about the different people’s perception. I would like to suggest, if you could bring RSCS Chairperson and Commissioners as the guest or in the panel discussion to discuss on BCSR. Since BSCR 2010 is not so old to be changed and to have BCSR 2012. This is to know whether the civil servants are happy with the new BCSR or with the old BCSR 2010. (My suggestion).

  26. Nidup on said:

    Dear Dawa,

    I applaud you for catching up with the rarest interview (as you have mentioned) happen with the former High court Drangpon Jigme Zangpo at Masangdaza, Mongar. The whole program(both in English and Dzongkha) enriched me with all those wisdom of living harmoniously by going back to root. Such type of Bhutanese are rare to find as most of us gets entangle to the evil intention of mankind “Money”. Many of us are tired of preparing for future, which are unpredictable. Thanks Dawa for bringing up the show. I am sure many of your shows gives us the wake up call (particularly me). Keep going Dawa.

  27. Namgay on said:

    There are so many good and bad talks regards to Tshering Penjor MP Punakha. There fore it will be opportunity for him to claerify to the people of bhutan what is good and what is bad. In this matter can you invite him as your guest for this weeks programme both in english and Dzongkha.

  28. dorji tshering on said:

    dear sir,
    since class x and xII have PCNA so therefore if sir would bring your GUEST from RCSC . And to make PCNA for one who apprer rcsc exam.And compulsory for degree to sit for RCSC EXAM.If not once sit for rcsc exam and those who doesn’t
    are same because they are given chance to recuite in co paration.

  29. Haap Tenzin on said:

    Please upload Dasho Jigme Zangpo’s interview, not just MInisters and Politicians.
    The interview is uplifting and i want my kids to view it again.

    Many Thanks.

  30. jigdra on said:

    if u can bring live discussion abt census problem

  31. Phuntso on said:

    Dawa i must first congratulate you on your programs and your efforts which informs and enlightens a lot of Bhutanese viewers. I at the same time also have a few pointers which i would like to humbly submit which i feel would further improve the quality of your already very good programs.

    1. Please have more follow up questions. This is because sometimes some of your guests especially politicians make outrageous claims. For e.g Lyonpo Zangley blaming ACC for drugs shortage.

    2. Though it is clear you are among the few that do their research maybe you could use that research in asking more aggressive questions. A BBC hardtalk will not work in Bhutan but tougher questions based on your research would make the show more exciting.

    3. One problem with BBS as a whole is that they catch on to issues when they are nearly dead and forgotten. The print media has an advantage there. Dawa though your topics are usually topical maybe you could also catch on some current controversial topics like Trowa etc when they are hot.

    Otherwise you are doing a great job.

  32. parop on said:

    dear dawa
    u hav done gud job and setting gud examples to the media workers, so we would be very happy if you could bring an issue regarding the private employees because they are suffering since they are under control of their boss and no laws applies to them.

  33. Chimi Dorji on said:

    Dawa sir,
    Your programes till now were all upto public expectation. Hats off for you. Could you plz invite some pannels from RCSC and discuss on the issues of PCS( position classification System).
    Hoping to watch the programe on bbs soon.

  34. thinley namgyal on said:

    dear Dawa,

    It is really interesting to see all your programs and I like to watch ur session on priority basis. I would like to request you to kindly organize progams on availability of rupee and possibility of housing loan. This is because, lyonpo Jimba says it is just minor problem and it can be resolved shortly but I see it as serious issue. Now middle class people can not construct as there is no loan and there are so many things where the gap between poor n rich widen drastically in future if our Govt. could not take immediate measure now…

  35. BAYUL TSHERING on said:

    Please invite Bhutan Pension Fund Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to provide insights upon the pension, provident fund benefits (civil & armed forces) schemes to the Bhutanese public. Moreover, there were reports that Pension can’t extend loans to the public servants by 2014 as per the RMA’s directives. I am not sure RMA Vs Govement has hand on the pension fund of Bhutan. This will dispel so much doubts about the prime institution like Pension by the Bhutanese

  36. My concern is important one. Everybody is talking behind and it concerns the whole nation. So take it seriously. Please invite


    1. On their entitlement so far. And how much have they robbed the nation?

    2. New Parties and their expectations in terms of entitlement.

    For many of us, this will decide our vote in the next elecctions.

  37. Dear Dawa,
    You missed an important point when asking Commissioner from RCSC.

    What will happen to the damage done by PCs to some of the civil servants. Some left the civil service, some demoralized completely and some took trouble in going for further studies by borrowing money.
    Some who took advantage out of it by doubling promotions leaving other colleagues behind. It is so easy for them to say PCs has been removed.

  38. karma on said:

    Dear Dawa

    ur interview of Hon Commissioner RCSC was really good. Perhaps one of the bests

  39. Sonam on said:

    Dear sir,
    its our pleasure to applaud you for being striving to our generation & also further streamlining the old stagnant system as you said no hesitations..
    As i am a responsible & dedicated health worker investing huge amount of sacrifices & good times working for the well being of the sickness & also the achievements of national goals. Being young & serving in a remote geographically disadvantaged place risking the life on natural calamities. i still owe to the ministry & waiting for our DG to come on screen to make clear to the nation of the policies in place to keep track of the health workers welfare; as far as till now, ministry went under corruption & the credits alyz taken by their near ones forget about retaining the enthusiast ones. So we are left with only one wish that is to tackle by U only. Please invite DG, DoPH to clear us about the rampant corruptions & way foreward to keep the hard working health official alive…

    • Sister on said:

      Acho Dawa,
      As Sonam has clearly mentioned about the justice need to be brought live.. we also have full faith in you being capable & possessing all qualities to tackle all hidden faces in our ministry of Health.
      We thousands of doctors, nurses & HAs, Technicians are eagerly waiting for you to bring the DG on screen to reveal the quality care health services being walking the talk. As the paralysed health workers cant provide optimal services as all bhutanese know. we want welfare & justice according to our work, not the seeds of corrruption everywhere being descended from them.

  40. commonman on said:

    can yuh please please . . dawa. . stop acting like the government’s spokes!!!

  41. Dear Dawa,

    The country seriously need discussion on ecconomy in general not just rupee crisis. I have posted following view on kuensel forum also. Please check:

    I have been oposing personal blames or even blames in general so far. But when it comes to economy, I have consistantly disagreed the way DPT has handled it. Very very very poor in economy handling. I completely agree with the author about the repecurssions of Hydro on other sectors of the nations economy. We cant survive on hydor power sector alone unless we want live on buying everything else from abroad. For a sustainable economy, we need agriculture, construction, industrial, services, and other sectors rising equally or atleast catching up. Hyropower is killing other sectors by taking away all the resources like labor and materials and jacking up the price of these resources. Other sectors cant afford to pay as much and die eventually. It is already happeneing in civil services, farmers, housing etc. Labor costs are not only going up but it is becoming unavailabe , material costs are going up. We might say there lot of youths coming but they all land up in these lagging sectors only to be trained and moved to hydro once skills are gained.

    Sollutions could be:
    Dont be rigid in terms of the goal 10000MW by 2020 and push so hard. Check the balance and accordingly move forward with constructiosn of new hyrdos. Slow down if necessary but please do study the impacts of hydro on the general economy.

    Allow more immigration of labors to meet the demand of labors but not to the extend that our people loose jobs to foreign labors or even to the extend that our culture is affected.
    Distribute income from hydro on other sectors to help mechanize works to reduce need of labours. Even in hydro try to mechanize so that less labors are demanded.

    Continue provision of cheap power so that other sectors can grow faster and have advantage over other countries. This way we can sell our products because we will be competitive.

    Ensure all steps possible are taken that our hydro never fails. If it does, then Bhutan is doomed. We will be back to 50 years ago. worse many llives will be affected….unless we have allowed others secctors have grown equally then they might be support.

    As for Rupee crisis, raise tax on fuel as proposed by MOF, raise tax on vehicles as high as 40% as proposed by MoF. For Indians who come to fuel in Bhutan, disallow them or atleast charge as high as they charge in corresponding states West Bengal or Assam. we will be paying as much if we fuel in these states. Since fuel import is the main cause of rupee out flow was 5.5b last promote vehicles like those of thunder motors. they are electric vehicles..they consume far less energy or money individually or at national scale than petrols or diesels.

    Keep requesting donors to support as long as possible or atleast till rupee crisis is over. In this regard, DPT is not bad. :)

    Promote toursim and allow more inflow of tourists than usual for time being. it is source of hard currency.

    If worse comes, unpeg it. Better suffer less than complete doom.

    I think this discussion is very very very important that it demands discussion on BBS panels. Dawa should bring up this and discuss nationwide. We should not be trivilized by passing the bug to previous governments. This govt is completely responsible for economy or financial crisis. They are so engrossed in GNH that we fogot to check our economy. MoEA should have seperate department on economy. All the pillars of GNH have custodians but there is no custodian for economy. MoEA has departments focussed in hydro, trade, industry, mines etc but no department which looks after the overall economy. MoF only looks for finance part and that is not economy necesarily. But we arent late. We still have time to fix it.

  42. Also Dawa, I have a suggestion to make on your show. Please carry an ipad or labtop to taken in questions through this internet forum ..or please see if you can change the voice of the caller so that callers feel free to ask over the phone. Many hesitate because there is high chances people might recognize their voices. you know we live in a small society where everyone knows everyone. I hope you will understand. You will surely receive lot of callers if you do that. Cheers.

  43. apjenjo on said:

    sir dawa ji,
    there is talk that you are in a process of doing some coverage on Brussels Kutsab who is recalled for misuse of authority and management anad financial lapses following audit report. so far we have not heard anything nor did bbs or any media reported what actins have been taken by government and RCSC.
    we heard he is still in the ministry but in PPD not as head of PPD (division) also but he must be getting his usual salary so what is all these?
    It is actually incentive for him because he do not have to do work of chief or irector of DG but his pay is not affected.
    i really appreciate your programme and even brussels kutsab do not agree to come perhaps some commissioners from RCSC should clarify their final decision and stand.
    why is media including thebhutanese reporting on other low profile people involved in small amounts and keeping silent on such high profile cases.
    are you and lamzang afraid of someone?

  44. dorji tshering on said:

    Dear Sir Dawa
    How it could be possible that if you can conduct the peoples voice on the topic that, is there shortage of teachers in our country. If concern people response yes, then why don’t they keep t like some of the interested graduates that who were going to foreign country like Thailand as a teacher and our country bring teachers from foreign countries saying that shortage of teachers in our country.

    Suggested by Sherab Gyaltshen{intern}


  46. No coments plez

  47. keep up the great work ,,, u have a great job and a platform to do good for the country and the people,,,
    and i can say that u hv been justifying ur posts to a good deal,,
    while theres nothing much to be said i think few suggestions would make ur presentation even better,,,
    like not repeating all of the points ( of course few points are necessary and even good) covered in dzongkha section so that more points are covered,,,
    i also feel translating dzongkha to english and vice versa is a waste of time although i think u r duty bound to do so but u hv the discretion to minimise,,,

  48. if you could let us know what your next program would be, you will get different views on the subject matter.

  49. Next guest for Dawai Kudroen would be the spokesperson from Druk Nymrup Tsogpa la. By the way thank you all for your comments and feedback la

  50. Dawa,

    could you please update the website and post the discussion with the spokesperson from Druk Nymrup Tsogpa.

  51. Kheng Sherub on said:

    Mr.Dawa..we were eagerly waiting to see your program on 19/09/2012 i.e. interview with spokesperson of DNT but our eagerness went on vain when your channel was distruptted and it never reappeared…kindly rebroadcast the program in the date convenient to you…thanks.

  52. Thank you Dawa for the good programs and unbiased questions you put forward to the political parties or any body you invite.

    One question I would like to suggest for the political parties would be ” how would the political party fulfill opposition role if they are opposition party? ” today, it seems the opposition is opposing every move made by the govt regardless of good or bad. Responsible opposition should also put national interest in the front than political score.

  53. aasish rai on said:

    dawa great job is question and answers hope if we have some issues we can request you for your questionaires

  54. Thank you so much for all your comments and kind words. I am just trying hard to get relevant people on board.
    Also special thanks to Mr. Commonman for reminding me not to be govt.’s spokesperson. I dont remember being one though. This week’s Dawai Kudroen would be the spokesperson of DPT-so any questions you want me to ask, please let me know through this website or you can text me or call me at this number….17900338. Your identity will not be disclosed if you wish.

  55. jambatobden on said:

    Hai Dawa,

    We are thoroughly enjoying the dawai kudrun on the bbs website clips. We have been checking the web clip to view your discussion with druk miser tshogpa. It did not appear? Any update on this dawa?

  56. Hi Dawa,
    Let me start by saying that I throughly enjoy your show. Do you think its possible to upload the dzongkha version of the Dawai Kudroen. It would be nice for folks out of country to watch program in Dzongkha as well.

  57. Good program…really like your questions to political parties. You have asked many of our questions. We have heard the political parties speak and seen their capabilities. Keep it up.

  58. tandey on said:

    Hi Dawa,
    I really enjoying watching your programme and wish to be a viewer of the same as long the programme exist. The interviewee as of date had shown varied nature of skills that invite of provoking thoughts, infact we learn from them and keep updating on socio-economic development in the country and things that are going on……it may not seem a huge problem unless we learn from it.

    Some of them are speaking bullshit,,,,,,just trying to be caught in their words and you do the justice with the sort of questions that are expected.

    As a regular viewer of the programme i wish you could catch a sight of things that are going on with pre-service scholarships and as well in service scholarships that are being offered. viz. those in India. How things are being coordinated and the people involved. They are things going on behind the curtain that are not being noticed by most of us due to kidu culture. let them be seen by the public and known of the facts.

    looking forward to seeing a programme on this issues.

  59. Dhendup on said:

    Are these two the best spoke persons of PDP? They are trying prove vaguely….lot space for PDP to grow. So I wish they could organise properly electand firmly for nextion….For Dawa, its great job!!!

  60. I don’t know who else reading this forum.I guess it is not like kuensel forum where cries and woes are heard alone.

  61. it is so sad, dawai kudrun is not updated for months nows…..

  62. Hai Dawa,

    Are you short of kudruns? Where is the update on Druk Miser Tshogpa? Are they not available for discussion or are you busy with other things?

  63. this programme seems to have died since the interview with PDP spokesperson.

  64. Tashi Wangchuk on said:

    I wish the “Dawai Kudroen” is only Dzongkha. I really like your Dzongkha Program. Some people can do in Dzongkha and some people can do English. I don’t like same guest and same anchor repeating same topic. In Dzongkha, if you have “Dawai Kudroen” in English you can create another program like ” Special Guest” or whatever. Thanks.

  65. CHENCHO DORJI on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    Well, this is Chencho Dorji from LPU, Punjab, India, Me and My friends will be glad if you can listen to our visions for our country, Bhutan. We want to save our country’s economy by the citizens, for the citizens & of the citizens of Bhutan.

    First of all, let me introduce my self, i am Chencho Dorji, hailing from Paro, Shaba and these days i am here in India(Punjab, Lovely Professional University) doing my 2nd time degree in B.A Politics. I did my 1st degree in B.Com (hons) from Shillong(NEHU University) which was incomplete.
    Well, Me & My Friends (30 of US) studying here in LPU, Punjab, undergoing various UG & PG courses have come up with a vision to set up a Public Limited Company on the eve of new year 2013 and it will be a milestone in the history of Bhutanese Economy.
    These days, our country’s economic is in very bad shape and the problem of Unemployed youths are increasing year by year and our nation is still dependent on other countries for survival and the Balance of Trade is negative and many other economic & social problems are arising…………….
    We want to come up with a Public Limited Company incorporated under the Companies kingdom of Bhutan, 2000 with the citizens of Bhutan as a owner of 51 % of shares and rest 49 % given to FDIs, with the total Authorized Capital of Nu. 100,000,000(One Hundred Million) divided into 100,000 Equity Shares of Nu. 1,000 each.
    We will launch the company in the year 2013 under the banner of Zhabdu Incorporation Ltd.

    Our Main Mission & Objectives are as follows:
    1. To create 3000 job vacancies from 2013 to 2018
    2. To solve the problem of Rupee crunch
    3. To fix the Balance of Trade
    4. To become self sufficient

    So, in order to make these mission & objectives into reality, we have all the programs ready in black & white in our Articles of Association & Memorandum of Association.
    For further information, please do follow us at Zhabdu Tsongdey Tsed on facebook or contact the promoter Chencho Dorji at 0091-8284854533 (Punjab)

  66. CHENCHO DORJI on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    Thank you very much for the moderation and posting it back. I m sure you too took it real serious on this topic and we really need your support to educate the citizens as a whole and act responsively. We will keep in touch after we come there to Bhutan. Right now we are having our exams and we will reach Bhutan between the 3rd and 4th week of December and i do hope to be your guest. Till than thank you and we are glad you are supporting us for this social and economic cause of our country. LETS SAVE OUR COUNTRY’S ECONOMY COLLECTIVELY AS A CITIZEN OF BHUTAN AS A WHOLE, KEEPING BEHIND ALL PARTISAN WORKS BEHIND. RIGHT NOW WE DON’T NEED POLITICAL LEADER, BUT ECONOMIC LEADER OF ALL THE CITIZEN AS A WHOLE.

  67. Mr. Chencho Dorji and Friends, I think we can find some time to meet up once you are here on vacation. I would be looking forward to hearing from you la.

  68. Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I have already talked to my colleagues to find a way to upload the Dzongkha versions as well. Finding guests for Dawai Kudroen has been difficult but not as difficult as one would imagine. In fact, I was on leave for some time and could not update my program as mentioned by some of you la. We are also trying to get different guests for different languages as pointed out by Mr. Tashi Wangchuk but its extremely difficult to get people on board. The least I could do for now is try and not to repeat the questions asked in Dzongkha la. Anways, feedback well taken la.

  69. kuenzang tenzin on said:

    it really helped me to update my current knowledge and able to adjust with the environment. with the touch to globalization there is rapid development in the country, more introduction of industries and factories affecting the clean and fresh environment. so,i am argue to know about the current environmental position, how the government helping to reduce such impact on it…………..

    anyway keep it up. but please don’t forget to update Dawai Kurdroen…………..

  70. It is good to know that Minister have brought lots of changes and improvements in the Ministry of Health for quality services but we were saddened by Minister’s comment on the journalist of our country who are doing their best for the betterment of our country. He was saying that the journalists are really blowing up the things and it will be left to god to punish them.
    Dear Dawa please bring our Minister once in the studio specifically to discuss the comments made by him on our journalists.
    Thanking You.

  71. Next probable guest would be either Hon’ble Economic Affairs’ Minister or Hon’ble Chief Justice. I really do not know if they would agree but this is my plan. If you have any questions for the two please post here or you can email me at

  72. not sure if I am late, but my question to the Minister of Economic Affairs is about govt spending or say fiscal policy. Hasnt aggressive hydro accelaration caused Rupee crises?? was there really need to rush to the extend of causing inflation on other necessary commodities??

  73. Honestly, I didn’t understand what Lynpo Nandalal was saying in your show. I think he needs to improve his speaking skills.

  74. wangchuk on said:

    Dear dawa
    u have been doing ur duty very vibrantly and its is known to public dominion – no witness needed..
    we appreciate your efforts devoted to keep us informed through varieties of your programs.
    In the interest of general public, i would suggest that sometimes ur question remains unanswered by guest during your Q n A session. it would be more informing us if you can press them unless the proper answer iz extracted.,

    Hapi new yr!


  75. Dear Dawa la,

    I wish you would cover a story on culling of male chicks in egg farms in Paro, and other dzongkhags. Male chicks are immediately being thrown I the bins alive. It’s such a sickening sight if see it, we are in nation who believes in lignin in coexistence with nature and animals. We always talk about semchenthamchen. And here we are literally torturing them. I don’t know the solution. Asking people not to eat egg may be bit too much. But there needs to be some civilized way of handling this. We talk about promoting happiness but I think it would be wrong to promote our happiness by torturing animals to death in cruel manner. Atleast we are a compassionate country. There needs to be a way. If humans can be cruel on animals, I am sure this could extend to humans in the long run. Compassion is same after all whether to animals or humans.

    Looking forward.

    Always appreciated your initiatives to bettering our country.

  76. Aum Lily Wangchhuk’s interview on Dawai Kudroen was the best interview I ever witnessed on BBS. Bhutan has hope with a promising leader like her full of intelligence, substance and good intention for us people and country. This programme has helped me understand her and Chirwang Tshogpa better. My family and my support is with her and hr party.

  77. What is the speaker trying to indicate when he says “law enforcement has pushed far” and “the implementation is worrisome” – i found it very ironic. We just don’t want every law to become like redundant like Tenancy Act. I think the effective implementation of laws directly depends on the policy and legislation framed and enacted by the Parliament. I think his indication makes it clear that they are not taking the responsibility of making bad and redundant laws – they just want to blame the implementers which is ridiculous.

  78. DAWA TASHI on said:


  79. Dear Dawa,
    I too really enjoy your program please keep it up, as per my younger sister told me if there is a chances she wish you to go in a haven and hell for the questioning session.

  80. RASHI TSHERING on said:

    All the media people should think that all the land case is old history………………………………………………………………………………………….1987 it is almost 26 yrs old.therefore ACC is asking his father how did u love other girl by keeping my mother under ur mouth…..?ACC IS =26 YRS OLD

  81. dorji on said:

    Dear Dawa sir,

    Appreciate your questions to OL

  82. Sonam Dorji on said:

    I on behalf of accounts personel working across the country specially those who are working in different corners of country would be greatful if u could bring one guest from MoF (National Accounts Service) to address on 2 main topic.
    1. Regarding Training/ if we are not eligible/ having no budget in our ministry /spending for same people.

    ii.Transfer case. as if doing for procudure ,as clearly shown in mof web.

    we would be v.v greatful if u could bring one officials from NAS.

  83. Mr. Rashi Tshering, wx it is 26 or 100 Yrs old, the fact is wx they have taken land rightfully or abused power. They have totally misused power. Corruption is where ACC will have to come into play. Still the verdict is not enough. They DESERVED more than the sentences they received now.

  84. Pelma Thinley on said:

    dear sir,
    we the trainees of TTIK(punakha) are unsatisfied with the decision made by the MoLHR about the duration of the course, where we are to stay two years asper the notification of 2012.therefore,we would like to plea sir to kindly verify with the minister of MoLHR under your firm programme.

  85. Gonor on said:


    Though u r very busy these days with political candidates, may we request u to invite HRO from RCSC & MoaF as a guest to u r show. the old time Diploma holders under Moaf has lot to clarify/questions to them regarding promotion.
    u amy have seen this issue in kuensel & Moaf froum.
    We will be very much thankful.

  86. Tshering wangchuk on said:

    Dear Dawa,
    Those of us bhutanese who live abroad will be grateful if you could broadcast the ongoing Nc debates online. We would pretty much like to view them.

    Many thanks,

  87. passang dorji on said:

    Mr,Dawn is brilliant interviewer BY Questioning on name of PDP president said repeatedly ,so Dawa why don’t you form question other than what PDP president explore in ”Dawai kudroen” or else dawa have in mind to insult or bring down the PDP Member in second round.hope Dawa is not listed in corruption…of DPT..Plz don’t link /compare B/w two Member,you go on asking what public thought and there concern only and did you ever repeat that DPT said like,so n so to PDP president, try to know the limit of your post Mr dawa don’t over react when you get chance to interview..

  88. dorjip on said:

    Dawa Sir, ignore that cheap PDP Fanatics (passang dorji) comments on you. We noticed that you are asking equally tough questions to both PDP and DPT candidates. PDP supporters wants you to ask tough questions to other parties and simply spare PDP as practiced by “theBhutanese” news paper which is as good as PDP NEWSLETTER.

  89. Dawa sir,
    Now its high time for the government to look into the promises that they have made to some of their true heart supporters regarding their employments.some people have sacrificed their valuable days, damaged their personal cars in the process of campaigning and transporting of the voters to the polling stations with all their positive hopes of getting a job. now it seems they are trying to be ignorant about this matter. so please if possible do something,because only you can do it and we have trust in you. Thank you very much.

  90. Dawa sir,

    Thank you for much for yesterday’s program on child learning, teaching and reading difficulty. I am a mother of 3 young children.

    It is very relevant for me. I need to know. could you please bring in such programs again.

    Can I please have a number of Dr. Pema please.

    Thank you in advance


  91. pema chodra on said:

    Dawa sir,
    actually my topic is not related to ur Dawai Kudroen its part of BBS show. my concern is that why BBS TV is nt showing live coverage of Parliament in BBsS web page b4 we can browse its nt screening in web site.coz for people like us going office can also listen to parliament discussion going on beside that we can lots of time to work in office also

  92. how about inviting the people from MoIC, RAA to discuss on the audit issues of domestic airport construction. Our people needs to be informed on what actually got wrong. NA’s discussion on audit report seemed to be one sided information and we need to hear from MoIC as well.
    It was informed that over Nu. 100 million is misused or embezzled. Its a huge amount and truly public needs to be informed. It will be better if both RAA and MoIC could come face to face and thresh-out to uncover the fact.

  93. You are the best Dawa. Dont get scared by political pressures or threats. We are behind you.

  94. Dear all the writers,
    Thank you so much for all your comments, suggestions and feedback. Any suggestions on the guests list or questions that you want me to ask, please let me know on this page or write to me at Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement and extremely sorry for not reacting to your posts. I have not been able to follow these developments online and offline both due to some other engagements la. But now I am trying hard to reassess my works and come back as before. Nothing to get scared of and nothing to be malicious about…I am here to serve the nation and so should we all be la…

  95. tshering on said:

    Please host the program on Vehicle Ownership Change immediately.

    What’s the use of paying Nu. 10000-more?

    Plz. bbs host this live program with RSTA officials to clear the doubt of public.

  96. Dear BBS,
    The interview of the Opposition Leader (Dr. Pema Gyamtsho) by Mr. Sonam Ugyen during the recent Dawai Kudroen appeared to me that he is interviewing the Agriculture Minister instead of OL. His questions to the OL is very unprofessional and simply trying to pin point the mistakes of the former Government instead of trying to facilitate the proper functioning of the present Government through proper check and balance mechanism. The way he address the OL is also very unprofessional. I am sure he knows that OL has a PhD from a very renowned University and he address him as Mr. Pema Gyamtsho. I know OL is a very humble down to earth person but it doesn’t mean that Mr. Sonam Ugyen can treat him like any Tom, Dick and Harry as he also deserve to be treated as senior respectable elected Bhutanese citizen.

    I would like to request the BBS management to teach some talking manners to Mr. Sonam Ugyen.

    Thanking you.

  97. drukpa on said:

    Dawa i would like to inform that our country will be safe if the securities departments like Police and Immigration will do their duty well.but these days i heard that many corruptions are in this 2 departments .so we would like to request you that if you could conduct questions & answer session for these problems.hope you will do it as people do trust you a lot.

  98. dear mr.dawa
    this is just a request to you la.sometime during your programe if you could call dungchen from dzongkha gongphel lhentsho and put the question about the important of dzongkha in our country.because evry body was telling about important of dzongkha but i think just to qualify to the colleges we have to see the english mark so i think the government is not really putting into practies what they preach.if govrnment could kindly focues onto dzongkha mark for student we would be very grateful to you la

  99. gangladrukpawangchen on said:

    Lopen Dawa Please can u invite some NC and NA Member and form concerned Stake holder to discuss about lifting of Tabacco products in Bhutan and adjust voting system to vote through sms online weather there is more people wanted to lift the tobacco products henceforth or should it remain like before, before the 3rd session of 2nd parliament begins. i like ur program me very much and as a request do not repeat the question asked in the dzongkha in the English session to cover more questions.

  100. meme_dola on said:

    Interesting programme with RMA governer. BBS should try inviting related professionals (in this case, someone with financial background could have hosted the programme so that the governor could have been quizzed more, not necessarily from BBS). Overall, this was one of the best programme so far I have watched… very informative. Well done RMA and especially to MR Chhetri and BBS.

  101. darjay on said:

    Hello mr. Dawa.
    If you are really at true and honest citizen of Bhutan. kindly could you get NC Sangay Khandu of Samtse live in BBS as your Guess.The question is why he boss himself as a king, smoking in front the Public gathering at Samtse Damdung during his meeting with the peoples.Do he has right to come in meeting fully drank and having cigarettes in his hand, somking like Gunda in the Hindi Film.

  102. gangladrukpawangchen on said:

    Dawa Sir please can u host one programme within this week by inviting guest from RCSC, Concerned person from DLG and mohca, one gup and some gyadrungs to discuss about regularising and considering gyadrung as civil servant and giving them same allawances and benefits that civil servants are getting. plz contact me if u r hosting this programme coz i m one of the gyarung. my no 17930884

  103. gangladrukpawangchen on said:

    Sir Why BBs is not Responding to our request. It might be because of getting hesitated with govt. Why to hasitate with govt. in democracy country every people have rights to speak, share concerns that benefits bhutan and its people. i m raising this because i requested BBS by telephone 5 times and went personally to bbs to request to hold programme on regularising of gyadrungs by inviting concerned person from RCSC,DLG,MOHCA, NA, NC Reprensentative, Gup,and some ggadrungs to discuss above concerned programme and collect detailed news about that.

  104. Rinchen on said:

    It would be interesting if you bring in a panel of members from diverse backgrounds to share their thoughts on the pay raise initiated by PDP.

  105. pema jams on said:

    Dear Dawa
    thanks for your different guest on question
    i relly enjoy the seccion you take part in the programme

  106. Losing our own language is an enormous concern. And we have seem Dasho sherab working to the extend of blistering his back to protect the losing stand of our dzongkha. Dawa sir, may be we would receive a wider spectrum on this issue if you could bring some linguists from institution like colleges and RUB who must have undertaken researches on this subject. I might suggest two people who would have lots to provide potential insight on language diversity of our country causing threat to dzongkha. it is not only english, but other languages and especially tsanglalo as the langue franca within bhutan, i would say that it is not always with the system that injures the proficiency in dzongkha, but the presence of alternative languages within our country for communication too is a major factor… further insight can be gained from inviting the linguists. If i am to suggest, i know Dr Kinley Dorji of paro college has studied on Dzngkha language..

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