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Light of the moon: Legacy of Xuanxang

The Buddha Shakyamuni was an illuminator of our time. Eighty four thousand volumes of teachings, over five hundred and fifty million followers around the world, but because of historical circumstances he was forgotten in his own land. Buddha was rediscovered because of the meticulousness, stubbornness and unwavering devotion of Xuanxang.

Xuanxang, on the other hand, was the greatest Buddhist masters ever. He defied kings and robbers, crossed the harshest deserts, and climbed the highest mountains, all to come to India. His efforts have directly impacted every Buddhists in the world since 1850. However, the irony here is that he has been mostly forgotten, not only by the Buddhist world, but also in his own home country, China.

Photographer and writer, Pawo Choyning Dorji, who has published books on photography, narrates the forgotten story of Xuanxang.

Pawo is currently working on a project retracing the journey made by Xuanxang to rediscover Buddha and Buddhism.

Light of the moon: Legacy of Xuanxang

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