Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Dhen Zuen

Dhen Zuen- To open the closed doors, to dispel the myth, to establish the facts and to reveal the truth.



Watch Dhen Zuen once in every three weeks.

26 comments on “Dhen Zuen

  1. Haap Tenzin on said:

    Looks like invoking Choeki Gylapo!! starting clips…. i mean

  2. citizen on said:

    Freudian slip: When asked what if it was a commoner involved. The answer was “a commoner could never be in such situation”…

    The interviewer did a good tight-rope walking.

  3. Prime minister prolonged the government action to Mr. Kinley Dorji in accordance with the corrupted minister Yeshi Zimba. Bhutanese were shocked to hear this news. So sad if Minsiter of MoWHS sold this govt. plot to the private man. The public might get mad with the elected ministers action.

  4. The best talk show ever seen on BBS in recent times.

  5. aboriginal on said:

    Intorduction of Dawai Kuden brought into light from the dark knowing everythings what happens in Bhutan and it also envisioned the thoughts and feelings of high authority towards Bhutan but while such programe going on, they also keep on line voting system wheather the viewers like it or not on the particular discussion. for an instance, one day BBS had live show on Pedestrain day but i withnessed that most of the viewers has voted that they dont want pedestrain day as such which means voting NO is the 95% and with this percent does any action taken care la?. if there is no action for such an issue then i think there is no point of live show and vote.

  6. This is shocking. Goverment itself is corrupted. In place of kinley wangchuk,if there is middle class people, i think goverment would have snatched the land and stopped the operation asap. This i was what happens to higher class people. they can prolong the case…very sad.

  7. chezang on said:

    There is no point in concluding somebody as corrupted. Everybody involved in this case has their stand. However, Land Commission is working on this and hope it turn out to be the best solution.
    Great job!

  8. What happened to Dhen Zuen? It has suddenly stopped after coming out with its first show. Has anything gone wrong with the show? Just curious and wondering…..

  9. durgatpu on said:

    Dhen Zhung should be done with gyelposhing land.

  10. SONAM UGYEN on said:

    Second edition will soon be out.

  11. Phub Dorji on said:

    See, its very simple. Get us RTI and we get all the reports! Govt. has a lot of secrets that they don’t want us to know. I think that unless the govt. gives it to us willingly soon enough, there will come some other ways to get them!

  12. Lungdhar, on said:

    Its good program Dhen Zuen, but i think audience targeted was not for international, why only in English language,
    This program shod make in Dzongkha were every one can understand and talk in dzongkha well,

  13. Sonam Ugyen on said:

    The Dzongkha version of Dhen Zuen is uploaded in the Dzongkha website La.

  14. pema khandu on said:


    Good investigation. Continue your effort to create corruption free society.

  15. this is a good show but i think person who is doing it don’t have much of investigation know-how and moreover he always reaches a conclusion where by he acts as a investigator than as prosecutor and finally as a court which is not at all healthy /….. people can be misinformed and ur role should stop on investigation rather than passing those stupid final comments and trying to point out who is rite and who is wrong . Dear friend u just show the facts and than the public will decide who is rite and wrong. And please put your heart and soul when ur investigating and don’t cook stories. Over all ur doing great job and id a wonderful program it just that u need to improve a lot .

  16. Sangye Wangdi on said:

    The program is well intended and so should continue because there appear to be some element of truth in it. keep it up!

  17. YESHI on said:

    show is good ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and ur doing ur home work but need to improve and pl keep low and make ur self presentable ………………… in one of ur show when u were interviewing the director of movie THE ORDER ….. he sounded so vindictive and ur like u just wanted ti fix him …i know little about interview so pl when ur doing it keep ur self neutral and dont assume any thing before hand……. ur good and reflecting on ur self will make u the best…………… BEST OF LUCK

  18. YESHI on said:

    AND keep doing what ur doing ……………..i must asy i like ur show ”””

  19. galden on said:

    Mr. Soanm Ugyen Please tyr to provoke on Government offices make a beeline for Buildings owned by Ministers and Spouses as reported by The bhutanese. Will be eagerly waiting for our immediate action please.

  20. Lady on said:

    If this reality talk show continues…… There is no chance off DPT winning in 13.07.2013 NA election, more or less DPT high rank officials are involved in land scam….

  21. yagbar on said:

    Thanks to the reality show DENZUEN and the Bhutanese paper including Bhutanomics for the awesome job done in striping power of the former DPT govt. We are watching and we will keep an eye on whether you do the same to the present ruling PDP Govt also. Only then it is going to be fair and Just. People cannot tolerate injustice and that is the fact of the matter. please be assured that as long as you are fair u have our support

  22. yagbar on said:

    Denzuen come back and expose some of the biggest land scams of Thimphu.Like the Nganglam case which happened during the National cad astral resurvey of 2010-11 the illegal land registration and irregularities in Thimphu happened during the New sathram compilation in early 2000’s. we are eagerly waiting for your(BBS) interesting program called DHENZUEN.Now that the Nganglam scam is over I hope ACC will also initiate the Thimphu Land Scam. If at all the rule of law should prevail in our GNH Nation the guilty should not escape at the same time the innocent should not suffer.

  23. Tashi Dorji on said:

    Sirs/Madams we will be really glad if we could watch weekly. This land case was here long time back, we will be indebted if we could watch new things.

  24. Rigsang on said:

    This program is one of the most important and inspiring one that i feel bbs is doing with to really establish and reveal the hidden truths in the Bhutanese society. And when all agree that there are many such issues to address through this program i personally feel that it is inadequate for having scheduled just once in three weeks beside TV programs often seen repeated. Or is that a journalist/reporter has to prepare and rehearsal for three weeks for a single topic 30 minutes program……….?

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