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Journalist Association of Bhutan revived

Feb 7, 2012

The Journalist Association of Bhutan (JAB) was revived today by electing a new President, General Secretary, Treasurer and steering members by the journalist themselves. The JAB is an association or an institution of the Journalists, by the Journalists and for the Journalists in the country. After it’s initiation in 2006, the association had dissolved due to lack of fund and poor co-ordination.

Hundreds of journalists gathered today to elect their President, General Secretary, Treasurer and the steering committee members.

Candidates for posts were nominated by each organisation and then elected by the number of highest votes received.

Passang Dorji from The Bhutanese was elected as the President. Kinley Tshering from Business Bhutan was elected as the General Secretary while Chundu Tshering from Druk Neytsuel as the treasurer.

Passang Dorji, President

“At this point of time I do not really know what the changes that I will bring about are but since I believe in journalism and I am committed in promoting media, we will explore in what ways we can help develop our democratic process and at the same time how can we promote the image of Bhutanese media,” said the newly elected President, Passang Dorji.

Although the first trial at initiating an association for journalist in Bhutan failed, the new General Secretary said this new association will go a long way and be very effective.

“I think it will be very effective because looking at the numbers of journalists who came to vote today; there were more than hundred journalists and that number was overwhelming so this could only mean that everyone is now aware of the importance of this association. We will make sure this JAB doesn’t remain idle or die away,” said Kinley Tshering, the General Secretary.

For starter the journalist association of Bhutan wants to set up an office and start a Press Club where Journalist in the country can come together and interact.

3 Comments for “Journalist Association of Bhutan revived”

  1. defoz

    What is a criteria for being journalists? Can anybody who wrote few articles become a journalist?

  2. […] has finally launched the Journalists Association of Bhutan. The journey has been long: it began way back in 2006, and has included a UNDP funded project and the establishment of the Bhutan media […]

  3. Dugay

    Journalist Association of Bhutan took re-bith again. That is a good news, but is media really free in Bhutan and also will print media get enough fund to spare some amount for the association. Another thing do print media really report the fact or they just say the particular concern person could not be contacted when people refuse to comment.
    Journalist or editors should learn to tke risk and report the fact, so tht in the long run general public will come forward to support them.

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