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For visitors’ convenience, public toilets in Damphu Town get a facelift

Namgay Wangchuk, Tsirang
Feb 13, 2018

With defunct public toilets in Damphu Town, Tsirang, it was troublesome for visitors to relieve themselves. But now, they will no longer have to go through such difficulty. The Damphu Municipal office recently rehabilitated the public toilets located below the Sunday Vegetable Market.

Six unit toilets for male and another six for female are now well connected to water and sewers. Municipal office has appointed a care taker to manage the toilets. Users will have to pay Nu 5 to use the restroom.

“To pay Nu 5 and use the toilet which is clean is worth paying. We don’t mind to pay and use. Earlier, public toilets were useless,” said one of the residents, Kado.

“Toilets were very dirty earlier and visitors went below the road to defecate. Now, the toilets are clean and user-friendly,” said another resident, Prem Bahadur Rai.

BBS correspondent in Tsirang, Namgay Wangchuk said, the caretaker, who is the speech impaired woman gesticulated with her hands that at least 10-15 people use toilets daily. And when crowd swells at the Sunday Vegetable Market during weekends, the users increase manifold.

Likewise, construction of five more toilets is afoot near the public football ground. This is towards keeping Damphu Town clean and beautiful said the municipal officials.




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