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NRDCL’s new sand supply system comes into effect nationwide

Sonam Pem, Thimphu
Feb 1, 2018

Despite concerns from the sand transporters, the Natural Resources Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) is implementing the new sand supply system nationwide from this month. 

This is following a notification, which states that the corporation will take full ownership of sand collection and supply.

A consultation programme was held today with consumers on the new system. The new system will give approvals to the construction owners and not to the transporters.

The revised system essentially means the transaction of the sand will be routed through NRDCL, which is expected to address the issues of illegal hoarding of sand and price escalation.

“In the past, the transporters did the job of the corporation of supplying sand,” NRDCL’s Board Member Dasho Karma W Penjor said.

“They acted as the middleman and the cost of sand used to be high. The main reason behind coming up with the new system is to ensure the availability of sand and most importantly to keep it affordable.”

NRDCL is also working on identifying more sites for sand extraction to meet the growing demand.

The introduction of the new sand supply system is in keeping with His Majesty’s The King’s vision of making natural resources affordable for ordinary citizens.

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