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Infectious Bursal Disease confirmed the killer

Aug 22, 2010

(UPDATE) An outbreak of a viral disease that killed more than 80 Chickens in a semi-commercial in Yodseltse Geog in Samtse earlier this week has now been confirmed as Infectious Bursal Disease, (Gumboro Disease). It is not Newcastle Disease as reported in the Media.

The disease was confirmed by the National Centre for Animal Health in Serbithang, Thimphu. According to the press release, it is difficult to diagnose the disease in the field since the clinical signs are difficult to differentiate with Newcastle Disease.

The Infectious Bursal Disease is a viral disease of chicken occasionally reported from poultry farms in Bhutan. The disease was first noticed in the early 1990s and is most common in young poultry birds. However, severe infection can also occur up to 18 weeks in some particular breeds of poultry birds.

Affected poultry birds are depressed and show recumbency, ruffled plumage and white diarrhoea. The disease spreads rapidly within the flock and in susceptible birds, death occur as high as 60%.

However, according to the press release, with the strict implementation of the control measures such as bio-security, isolation of the affected flocks and hygienic measures, the disease is now fully contained.

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