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A 63-year-old man’s love for archery

Pema Tshewang, Thimphu
Oct 5, 2017

Age is just a number for 63-year-old Gyem Dorji from Paro taking part in the ongoing open Yangphel style archery tournament with other archers who are much younger than him.

The former member of the parliament, who served as the people’s representative from Paro in the 1990s, is the leader of his team named Six Boys. “I am not a sharp shooter like others but my love for the sport brought me here,” said Gyem Dorji.

He said he is playing also to promote the national sport. “There are chances of the traditional game disappearing. That’s why I am doing my bit to keep it alive.”

Apart from playing, he also initiates archery matches for the elderly people. “Last year, we initiated an archery tournament in Thimphu for the elderly people to pay tribute to His Royal Highness The Gyalsey. I and a friend of mine sponsored the match.”

He says there are many elderly people who love playing archery. “But they are not invited by the teams. Also, they do not have the financial means to take part in the tournaments.”

The open Yangphel style archery tournament is organized by a private individual. The tournament is simultaneously being held in Gelephu, Phuntsholing and Paro as well. The final will be played in Thimphu in the first week of November.

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