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Thimphu Thromde to try-out new method of composting kitchen wastes

Kinley Dem, Thimphu
Oct 3, 2017

Thimphu Thromde will experiment a new method of composting kitchen wastes. Known as Takakura method, it is considered to be easier and affordable.

Experts from Japan demonstrated its functioning recently.

The method uses a fermentative microorganism to decompose organic waste. The microorganism, according to the Specialist, Dr. Koji Takakura from Takakura Environment Research Institute of Japan said can be obtained from fermented food.

At the demonstration, Dr. Takakura, uses yeast, a mixture of curd, yogurt and sugar, saw dust and decayed leaves to develop the fermentative microorganism. After adding a bit of water and a proper mixing, kitchen wastes are emptied over the fermenting bed. It is then covered with a paper for two to three days before the compost is ready.

“The method can be practiced at home by any one. If people can adopt this method, it can greatly help in waste management,” said Di. Takakura. “Also, many people do not make compost because of the foul smell it produces. But this particular method, will not release such odour,” he added.

Thromde’s Environment Officer, Phub Tshering said since it is a new idea, they have to experiment it first before implementing. “We will try it for two to three months and see if it is feasible in the country. Then, we will start either from the Chanjiji housing area or the RBP Camp.”

Along with Thimphu Thromde, waste management agencies such as Greener Way, Clean City and Green Road Project also attended the demonstration programme. It was organized with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency, JICA.

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