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Cricket club from Hongkong completes their tour

Sherub Dorji, Thimphu
Sep 22, 2017

The Craigengower Cricket Club from Hong Kong have completed their four match tour to Bhutan, yesterday. The club was formed in 1894 by a school headmaster in Hong Kong.  They are in the country to promote cricket.

For these part time cricket players from Hong Kong, cricket is more than just a mere game. They believe the game promotes friendship even when there is competition inside the field.

“Even in close games of cricket, the ability to play a game hard and fight. But to do it in a fair way. That creates camaraderie, it creates a really strong bond between individuals in a team and also between teams,” said Kevin Styles, Member, Craigengower Cricket Club.

He said cricket is a demanding game but it being a team game will have a lot of good influence on those who are playing it.

“Hopefully the last three or four days with us will have help develop the camaraderie, help develop the inter-relationships between the clubs here into a real sense of oneness. On the field you compete but ultimately our aim is to further cricket,” added Kevin.

As they ended their tour with a match against local club Blue Diamond yesterday, one of the players said  cricket is nearly life for these group of players. And the performances these men showed with the bat, bowl, and in field over the past four matches held the statement true.


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