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A win-win deal

Nov 24, 2011

They could not have worked out a more agreeable deal.

In Bumthang, proprietors of milk processing units sell milk and butter. They seldom sell cheese, preferring to sell the milk serum locally known as dhaw. The milk serum must be boiled to produce cheese.

There are several milk processing units in Bumthang, owned and run by farmer’s cooperatives.

According to them selling dhaw is more profitable than selling cheese.

“From 20 liters of milk, we can produce about one kilogram of butter and 30 balls of cheese. If we sell them, we get around Nu.500. But if we sell a kilogram of butter and the milk serum from the 20 liters of milk we get over Nu.700,” said Namgay, an accountant at a milk processing unit in Tamzhing.

The milk serum as it turns out is bought by farmers who boil it and produce hard cheese cubes known as chugo which they sell in the market.

Kunzang, one of the farmers, “buy the milk serum regularly to make hard cheese at home to supplement my income.”

Deki, another customer, makes her living “buying milk serum and making hard cheese at home.” She described her small home based business as lucrative.

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