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Labour Ministry opens a new Department

Sonam Choden, Thimphu
Apr 21, 2017

To develop technical and vocational education training system in the country, the Labour ministry now has a separate department.

The Technical Education Department was inaugurated yesterday.

The new department will function as the main organization for review, enactment and coordination of all programs relating to vocational training Institutes.

It will work towards making Technical and Vocational Education and Training, TVET, the mainstream choice of youth to achieve the nation’s human resource independence through skills.

The department’s Director, Kinley Wangdi said the Technical Education Department will focus on service delivery to the jobseekers.

“With this new creation of department, quality, accessibility, and relevancy of the training will be taken care. In the beginning when we were under Department of Human Resources, we are spread all around. So we lacked focus.”

One of the immediate plans of the department is to develop a curriculum for technical training institutes based on the current needs of the industries.

“For that, we will be working very closely with industries. That means industries will be involved right from the beginning from the journey of the training. So there cannot be an issue of job mismatch later,” added the Director.

Today, including two Zorig Chusum Institutes, there are eight technical training institutes in the country.

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