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Laya students brace for winter

Sep 27, 2011

Students of Laya community primary school are in for a colder winter this year. That’s not exactly because the mercury is going to drop lower than last year. It’s because two of the school’s bukharis, wood fed heating appliances, have been damaged.

Winter is fast approaching. The mornings are already getting colder. Snow can already be seen on the serrated mountain tops. Soon, it will be unbearably cold in the classrooms.

The classrooms are kept warm by the bukharis.

The issue was raised at the geog tshogdu, the geog development committee meeting. The meeting agreed to provide the school six bukharis but this is going to take time. The geog administration can propose for funds only in the next financial year.

The teachers are also bracing for the cold. Some of their living quarters have been converted into classrooms because there aren’t adequate classrooms. The teachers are sharing the quarters.

The school also does not have a separate room to store the World Food Program supplies. For that, the school is using two rooms in the administrative building.

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