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Poultry farms, a profitable business till

Sep 27, 2011

If figures are anything to go by, the decline in the price of eggs and the rising cost of poultry feed have not deterred the people in Tsirang from starting poultry farms. The dzonkhag is seeing an increasing demand for day old chicks.

Poultry farming used to be a profitable business in Tsirang but not any more according to the owners of poultry farms.

According to H.P Phathak, a poultry farm owner, the cost of managing a poultry farm is rising.

“Previously a kilogram of poultry feed cost Nu.11. An egg fetched Nu.12. Now a kilogram of feed costs around Nu.22 and we hardly get Nu. six for an egg.”

The demand for day old chicks, which is necessary for running a poultry farm, is rising.

Last year, poultry farmers in Sarpang from where the Tsirang farmers get their supply, provided 20,000 chicks. This year, they have so far supplied 23,000.

The district livestock sector said despite the drop in the price of eggs and the increase in the price of poultry feed, poultry farms are still provide a sizeable profit.

There are more than 150 commercial poultry farms in the dzongkhag.

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