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Lunana gets cellular service

Sep 15, 2011

The windswept alpine region of Lunana, home to the semi-nomadic yak herders, will soon be connected by cellular service.

Located over 4,000 metres above the sea level, Lunana is the remotest place in Bhutan. It takes hardy travellers nine days to reach Lunana on foot from proper Gasa.

Connecting it to the cellular service is a gargantuan task, given its remoteness. All the telecommunication equipment such as transceiver station, solar panels, controllers, and batteries, weighing about 14 tons, have to be transported by chopper, making more than 30 trips.

Besides the transportation, the operation cost will also be higher, estimated at US$ 5,000 a month.

The entire project will cost more than Nu.20 million but it will connect about 400 lunaps to by the end of this month.

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