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Olarongchu raises its ugly head

Aug 25, 2011

Following continuous rain at Dochula, the Olarongchu stream in Thimphu threatened to flood the area yesterday afternoon.

Police personnel rushed to the scene to assess the risk of flooding, alert the people and evacuate them to higher grounds if necessary.

The home and cultural affairs minister Minjur Dorji who also rushed to the area said “compared to the previous flash flood, it is very small, it is not serious.”

However police personnel were deployed along the stream, all the way from Hongtsho to Olakha, to alert people and prevent them from going near the stream.

“The flood is not serious and we have only alerted the people living along the stream. There was no reason to evacuate them to safer places,” said Lyonpo Minjur Dorji.

“Whenever there is a disaster, people flock to the site. Even the motorists stop their vehicles in the middle of the road to watch the flood.”

This, the home minister said, is not helping matters. Apart from the risk involved, it is difficult for the personnel deployed at the site to move around and assist those affected.

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