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Zebra crossings are for zebras?

Aug 25, 2011

Many school going children BBS spoke to said crossing the road while walking to and from school is scary.

They said the zebra crossing is useless and most motorists do not respect the pedestrian’s right. There is huge risk of being run over by speeding cars. Many were almost run over.

BBS spoke to a group of students at the Jigme Namgyel Middle Secondary School in Motithang. Almost all of them had harrowing stories to tell.

One class five student said his sister was hit by a car while using the zebra crossing. Luckily, she survived. The driver merely slowed down to give a side glance before speeding away.

Another boy narrated how he got, at one time, trapped between two vehicles. Yet another was nearly hit by a speeding truck. He would have been hit, he said, had he not managed to jump away at the very last minute.

They said motorists shout at them if they fail to move away quickly enough to give way to the passing vehicle.

Even for the very few motorists who are aware of the pedestrian’s right of way, there are no signs of approaching zebra crossing. The zebra crossing, almost always, appear all of a sudden, without any warning or sign, forcing them to apply the brakes all of a sudden.

In many places, the zebra crossings are faded. They are badly in need of a fresh coating of paint. Parents and teachers said the zebra crossing will serve its purpose only if motorists who do respect the pedestrian’s right of way are fined. That as far as they know, has not happened.

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