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More labourers expected with wage revision

Aug 24, 2011

The renovation of the Daga Tashiyangtse Dzong is expected to speed up with more labourers joining from this month.

The construction of the monk’s residence is in full swing. More than 200 labourers are currently deployed at the project site. The project is however short of skilled labourers. According to the project officials this is because the wage rate is low.

The wage rate has now been revised. In addition, skilled labourers will be paid 50 percent of their wage as Zorig Chusum allowance.

Project officials hope that this will help attract more skilled laborers.

Unskilled labourers will be paid Nu.165 per day. Skilled labourers like carpenters and masons will receive 50 percent more as Zorig Chusum allowance on the revised wage. Depending on the level of their skills, carpenters and masons working at the project will now earn between Nu.270 to Nu.370 in a day.

According to the labourers deployed at the renovation site, the existing wage is barely enough to keep the body and soul together.

The labour requirement for the project is currently met from the 12 under the Dzongkhag.

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