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Royal wedding keeps boot makers busy

Aug 21, 2011

The royal wedding is around the corner. There is so much excitement. There is so much expectation. And this excitement and expectation is nowhere more apparent than at a small tailor shop in Chubachu, dealing in Tsholham.

Made from brocade and decorated with elaborate embroidery, the Tsholhams are traditional boots, worn at formal events and ceremonies.

The shop has been flooded with orders from high ranking officials, the monk body, civil servants and businessmen. Its employees are working round the clock to meet the deadline.

Jangchukla who owns the shop said “for the chipdrel (ceremonial) procession alone, we have received orders for hundred pairs of boots. We have also received orders from schools and dzongkhags. So we are busy at the moment.”

A pair of the ordinary traditional boots cost Nu.1,800. The price can go up to Nu.6,000 depending on the quality of the brocade used in making the boots and the complexity of the embroidery.

To cash in on the occasion, the shop is selling the ordinary boots at Nu.1,500 a pair.

So far they have received orders for more than 200 pairs.

Nawang Dendup, a teacher had come all the way from Lhuentse to have his feet measured and place the order. He is also buying for his friends.

“We cannot come to Thimphu to celebrate the wedding but we will be celebrating in our school. I bought 15 pairs. I think I will need more than that. I have placed orders for 20 more, which I will come to collect later.”

Meeting the ever growing demand is not going to be easy. The shop has nine employees. Working non-stop, they can make a pair of boots each in a day.

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