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NFE to introduce English

Aug 17, 2011

Non-Formal Education (NFE) learners will soon be able to learn how to read and write in English. The NFE, offers lessons in Dzongkha for now.

The programme was introduced to provide adult Bhutanese who could not go to school while they were young the opportunity to learn to read and write. It is popular in rural areas with thousands of villagers, mainly women, turning out every year to enroll for classes. The programme also provides basic course in tailoring and counselling on family planning, reproductive sex and health and hygiene.

As a pilot project, English is being taught to NFE learners at a centre in Paro. It will be replicated in six districts in the immediate future and the rest of the country eventually.

Ugyen Tshomo, an official from the Department of Adult and Higher Education, said “there is a lot of demand from NFE learners to introduce English in the curriculum. We have two levels of NFE programmes basic and post literacy programmes. We are introducing English in the post literacy programme.”

The NFE instructors are not sure how successful the introduction of English will be in the programme though they are determined to make it work.

Choni Lham, a NFE instructor, said “the participants have so far been taught only in Dzongkha. When it comes to learning English, it may prove slightly more difficult but with time, they would be able to handle it.”

The NFE learners are looking forward to learning English.

Tenzin Jamtsho, a NFE Learner, said “English will be useful when we visit hospitals and offices.”

Yeshey Choden, another NFE Learner, said “we have learned many things in Dzongkha. We are confident. If we learn English it will be much better.”

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