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Rain calls for a change in footwear

Jul 22, 2011

If you are studying in Wangdichholing Lower Secondary School in Bumthang, a pair of sturdy slippers is a must carry item.

As the Monsoon arrives and rains start to pour, slippers are necessary to walk to school. The school uniform, the black naughty boy shoes, is ill suited for the mud covered tracks to school.

Tashi Gyeltshen, the vice principal, cited personal hygiene as the main reason for the move.

“The shoes are wet when the children come to class and they stink a lot. Because of the rain, the shoes get torn very fast and parents have difficulty buying shoes especially of they have as many as four or five children in our school.”

The students are happy with the change. They find slippers more comfortable.

“With wet smelly shoes on our feet, we cannot concentrate on our lessons. The slippers are more comfortable,” said one student.

“The slippers do not stink and they are easy to clean,” said another.

Wangdichholing Lower Secondary School has 970 students and 35 teaching staff. The school was established in 1995.

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