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Unwanted pregnancy threatens mother’s life

Jun 24, 2011

A mother of four children was pregnant with her fifth child. Thirty-year-old woman and her husband, driver, decided to remove the unborn child to ease pressure on their existing financial situation and from gradually worsening in the future. In an abortion conducted in bordering town in Jaigoan, they almost got rid of fetus. Almost.

On Monday evening, the couple visited Dolma Clinic in Jaigoan to buy medicine. When they informed the person at the clinic that she had been pregnant for four months, they refused medicine, instead referred them to the nearby “Local Abortion Clinic”.  The couple was asked to wait.

In a while two girls came to take them to the Abortion Clinic. In the Clinic they were greeted by a man, who introduced himself as their doctor. They were asked to make the payment Nu 12,000 in advance. The total cost of abortion.

According to the woman the doctor tried to push the fetus out of her private part and cutting away the parts as it appeared. It lasted for two hours without anesthesia.

After the abortion, woman continued to feel something inside her womb, the couple asked the doctor to show the fetus, they were refused.

After an hour in the hotel room, woman started to bleed and eventually fainted. Husband rushed her to the hospital. It was at 9:00 pm.

An ultra sound report in the Phuentsholing Hospital showed that woman was still carrying the fetus.  The condition of the woman demanded immediate surgery. She had to wait till the next day. The woman had already had her dinner.

The surgery was carried out at four in the morning. During the surgery, the remaining body part of the fetus was removed. In the abortion clinic earlier, they had removed  lower limbs and left hand of the baby.

One girl died of similar complication earlier this year, 30-year-old mother was the third abortion complication case reported in Phuetsholing Hospital this year.

In Bhutan, the abortion is illegal, the teenagers and parents with unwanted pregnancy resort to unsafe abortion practices in Jaigoan, India. For 30-year-old woman, it almost cost her life.

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