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Cost of postal ballot

Jun 24, 2011

The Local Government Elections see more than ever voters through postal ballots. A total of 58,762 have registered to cast their votes through postal ballots comparing to 17,876 registered in the first democratic general elections in 2008.

The grown number in the Local Government Elections, the postal ballot facility is extended to spouses and direct dependents of civil servants and armed forces.

Majority of the postal ballot user are civil servants (17,417), followed by the spouses of the civil servants and armed forces (14,995), corporate employees (4,808), student and trainees (Students 4,899 and Trainees 1,029). Rests are prisoners (556), private employees including security personale (884). Fifty parliamentarians have registered to use postal ballots.

Another reason for the increase in the postal voters, election was deferred by more than a month.

The increase number of postal voters has escalated the cost for the Election Commission. Each postal vote cost Nu.180 working out to more than Nu. 10 million. Elections officials are urging voters to vote in person.

The last date for the issuing of Postal ballot was 3rd June. The voting closed on June 19. Now, the respective returning officers are receiving their postal ballots. By  June 26, all the postal ballots will have to reach the respective geogs.

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