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Decade of Action for Road finalised

Jun 21, 2011

Road accident and related injuries are on rise. The relevant agencies and ministries are engaged in road safety action plan. The document, Decade of Action for Road, that was launched recently is tabled in a two-day meeting in the capital.

The main goal of the document is to reduce road accidents and death related to it.  The Action Plan aims to educate public, enforce tougher traffic rules and improve road engineering and designs. It also looks at suitable post accident response.

The action plan is expected to reduce road accidents to half and deaths related to road accident by two third in the next 10 years.

In the last five years, 319 people died on the road and another 2,648 were injured. On average, vehicle registration increased by nine percent annually.

The action plan document showed, more than 50, 000 vehicles were registered in 2010 in the country.

Observers say, “it is a sign of growing middle income class in the country.”

One out of every thirteen Bhutanese owns a car today. The highways are being expanded to meet this growing pressure for road space. Bhutan has total road networks of 7,000 kilometres.

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