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Wild threats

Jun 19, 2011

At this time of year, wild animals visit farms to feed on crops ready for harvest in Gelephu. Around ninety farms along the Indian border are frequented by elephants and other wild animals.

Farmers and their family members stay awake all night, blowing horn and banging empty tins to keep away elephants and wild boars. Pema Samdrup, Correspondent in Gelephu, spent one night in a farm in Jimeling.

“The night was dark, and it was difficult to locate animals feeding on crops.” he added, “noise, in a way, helped to chase animals.”

A group of eight guards patrol farms along the border with improvised explosives and blank-fire to help farmers safeguard their crops. The uses of improvised explosives scare away animals, not for too long. They come back again in a day or two. While the guards are away in the neighbouring village, farmers take turn to protect their crops.

“When we spot elephants, we alert our neighbours with our mobile phones to join us in the chase.”

The routine will continue until the time of harvest.

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