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Alcoholic menace

Jun 18, 2011

Rising cost for the country due to the consumption of alcohol and alcohol related diseases was raised in National Council on Friday.

The National Council member of Lhuentse, Rinzin Rinzin reported numbers of the alcohol related illness registered at National Referral Hospital in Thimphu.

“There were 264 cases in 2009,” and he added, “Nu. 20 million was spent for their treatment.”

And he questioned the Health Minister on government’s plans and proposal to tackle the problem.

The Health Minister, Lyonpo Zangley Dukpa informed the council, alcohol consumption among educated lot has gone down while the numbers among young people are growing. The production and consumption of locally brewed alcohol in the rural areas has also decreased.

“Easy availability and affordability are some of the reasons for increasing alcohol consumption.”

The Health Minister said careful and premeditated steps will be taken to tackle the ills of alcohol. The government plans to revise the  tax on import and export of alcoholic products.

“Government will build a new detoxification centre in Gidakom in addition to a centre in the National Referral Hospital to take care of people who are suffering.”

Statistics published in 2008 showed, Bhutan produced 1 million litres and imported 12 million litres of alcohol in one year. Nu. 19 million was collected as taxes from alcoholic products in 2009.

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