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Slimy snakes

Jun 18, 2011

Seventeen-year-old girl died in Samtse, more would have died in Glelephu if they were not treated in Hospital. Several slimy snakes were spotted, when the girl from Hatikarkha was working in cardamom field. She was bitten twice, and her parents tried to cure her at home, before taking to hospital. Anti-venom injection at the Samtse hospital was in vain. She died on Thursday.

Central Referral Hospital in Gelephu treated around seven snake bites this year. The hospital has recorded 23 cases in last four years, with three deaths. Most of the victims were farmers.

“We see snakes everywhere around this time of year, “Tshering, farmer from Chuzergang added, “it is particularly risky when they sneak up to cow sheds.”

In the rural areas, farmers try indigenous practices to prevent venom from spreading through veins into rest of the bodies. One common practice is to suck the venom out of the body before taking victim to hospital.

Sonam Yangchen, Medical Specialist of the Central Referral Hospital said, “people should avoid sucking venom, tying body to prevent circulation, applying herbs and cow dung, these practices will infect the wound and it is harmful.”

It is around this time of year, snakes come out of their hibernation in search of rats and frogs for food. A sample collected by an official of the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary found 60 varieties of snake in Bhutan. Most of these varieties are found in the southern belt of the country.

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