Monday, December 22, 2014
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Security clearance goes online

Jun 2 2011

Getting the security clearance has always been a problem. The process is long and time consuming. It is also necessary to travel all the way to Thimphu to process the papers. Not anymore.

With the launch of the online system in the capital today, all you need is a computer with internet. Log onto and do what is necessary and wait. Within 12 working hours, you should get your security clearance.

The service is available anywhere. You can also visit the nearest police station or Geog Administrative Officers for the service.

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18 comments on “Security clearance goes online

  1. wangay on said:

    i still have the problem to process. please help me

  2. Zangmo on said:

    I could not connect to the web site given( please help me.

  3. Harka Man Gurung on said:

    Icould not get the clerance till dat why? I convicted more then one year pass.
    conformation in need please.

  4. Tashi Dorji on said:

    The SCS website does not work, is there any other way.

  5. ugyen pema sherpa on said:

    thenks to ur Department. ur website has been slways helping me when in NEED

  6. Jamyang on said:

    Is it a problem these days? I could not get into the system for the last one week. Can someone clarify please.

  7. G.D.wakhley on said:

    The present system of availing security clearance is the direct gift of the think tanks viz;,head of the country,government,concerned ministry,(rbp)and the advanced Information Technology uplifted in the country like any other developed nations. Let such easy services be put in place for other services which require investments like time,money,travel,official formalities and delays the service.

  8. Thubten Chophel on said:

    There is problem with scs,since i needed my security clearance urgently.therefore it could better if particular incharge can improvised the website as far as possible la,since date line of my job vaccany is about to closed.will be anticipatin for good response

  9. Sonam Lhamo on said:

    Sir,I could not get my NOC as per the given web site…….
    please help me.

  10. sonam lhamo on said:

    please help me out.

  11. kinley on said:

    The Website “” is not working…please can u suggest an alternative website.thank you

  12. sonam on said:

    Dear responders,
    The online clearance has been very easy for us to apply and get it but at the same time it is also not working when we are in needed, there for i personally would like to request to ensure that it work well and open it.


  13. Arjun on said:

    Will we get N.O.C with,To whom it may concerns,we had id problems sir,please help me

  14. Rhenchen weanchuhk on said:

    im still doing my training for IT. but i don’t know what will be my result after completion from here

  15. Yonten Jamtsho on said:

    I couldn’t access to “”,is there any problem with web page??Please help me….its urgent….

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